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Name:Teeny Things!
Birthdate:May 11
Hi! You've found my doll journal. :) I go by Laura or Sadie in most places and here you'll find my doll adventures. I'm not a 'collector' in the sense of keeping dolls in their boxes; I like to take them out and photograph them! My collection includes the following (so far):

Moxie Teenz
Monster High
Kurhn (pronounced Ke'erwawa)
Disney Princesses
Wee 3 Friends
4 Ever Friends

Pictures can be found here and at my Ipernity account. I also have an Etsy shop where I sell handmade doll clothes, come check it out! It's Owlbirdy.

Adding policy: all doll fanatics welcome! I'm also a fan of ABC's Once Upon a Time, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, BBC's Sherlock, and many other things. Check my interests.

[Please note: I live with my girlfriend Kalli ([personal profile] softness) so our photos may look similar or feature the same subjects. Right now Kalli owns the better camera so, if you look, the differences should be obvious. I'm looking at a new camera but it's outside my current price range. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, but not just yet.]

My journal code was made by snubbly on LiveJournal!

Interests (125):

4 ever friends, abbey bominable, abhorsen, abney park, anime, animorphs, asp, ayria, barbie, barbies, bashir, being an introvert, benjamin sisko, blaqk audio, bratz, budgies, castle in the sky, clawdeen wolf, cleo de nile, communities, cooking, custom dolls, das ich, death gate cycle, deep space 9, deep space nine, disney princesses, doll clothes, dolls, dorks, draculaura, dragonlance, e nomine, e.s. posthumus, eisbrecher, elim garak, engelsblut, english budgies, flight rising, forgotten realms, frankie stein, fruits basket, garak, garth nix, ghoulia yelps, glasses, gone in 60 seconds, grell sutcliff, harry potter, house m.d., howl's moving castle, in extremo, julian bashir, juliet, ke'erwawa, kiki's delivery service, kira nerys, kurhn, kuroshitsuji, l'âme immortelle, la dee da, lafee, lagoona blue, lirael, lost, macaroni and cheese, manga, mattel, megaherz, mga, mgae, miyazaki, mogget, mononoke hime, monster high, moxie girlz, moxie teenz, moxie teenz arizona, moxie teenz bijou, moxie teenz melrose, moxie teenz tristen, music, my neighbor totoro, nausicaä, neue deutsche härte, odo, old kingdom, photography, pizza, ponyo on the cliff by the sea, porco rosso, pyjamas, quark, ramen, reading, rerooting, rochelle goyle, rom, sabaton, sabriel, scanlations, seelenzorn, sewing, shinigami, spaghetti, spectra vondergeist, spirited away, st:ds9, star trek, star trek: deep space 9, star trek: deep space nine, studio ghibli, subway to sally, tea, terok nor, the disreputable dog, the legend of korra, translations, treibhaus, unhelig, vinyl dolls, wee 3 friends, weissglut, whisper of the heart, william t. spears
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