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4th-May-2012 01:10 pm - First custom re-root - Lagoona Blue
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I've finally finished my first custom doll thanks to a rather ingenious idea from a friend. (He solved allllllll my problems!)

Lagoona Blue~ )

I re-rooted her with two different shades of yarn. The yarn is called 'Homespun' and feels quite soft. (I hate rough yarns.) The colors in the lighter yarn are a light sea blue/green tone and a faintly blonde tone. In the second shade, the colors are dark blue, purple, and green. These colors blend together nicely. My total work-time was roughly 13 hours, but spread out over several days. Perhaps two or three hours a day. Kalli got me a glass bottle of Pepsi to celebrate. :)

Lagoona isn't for sale, as she's in my personal collection, but after I do a few more dolls and gain experience I might open up an Etsy shop for custom re-rooting services in yarn AND saran hair. My next project, Spectra, will be done in saran hair. I haven't ordered it yet, but I'll get some work-in-progress photos up once I start. I plan to do her in the needle-knot method so her hair will be very secure.
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