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26th-Dec-2013 08:56 pm - More shelves!
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Juliet (holiday girl))
So I'm finding (rather unsurprisingly) that I focus better when my desk isn't cluttered with dolls. I love having them around (duh) but they tend to.. pile up on my desk, and this is awful because it means I can't find anything and I'm knocking stuff over whenever I try. My housemate/landlord said he'd love to put in shelves for Kalli and I over the next few days so I'm sure that's the problem sorted, but in the meantime: my desk area is doll-free! I've got a mug of tea, my lamp, my computer pieces, and just.. yay. Space! I can't wait for the shelves (and the pictures I'll get to take of everyone on them)!

The tiny shelves I sanded and stained over the summer aren't nearly enough. I've got my special Kurhn dolls on one and the fairies are occupying the other.

Pic under here. )

As you can see, no room there! New ones to come though. *-*
7th-Oct-2013 09:43 pm - Dud sellers
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (May)
I hate coming across dud sellers on eBay. I'm sure you've all had dealings with them: the ones who 'forget' to remark about a doll's hands and/or feet having pet chews (and such is conveniently not pictured in the listing), the ones who mail valuable items in shoeboxes, or dolls in bubble-mailers only to have them get utterly squished in the post. I'm sure the more poetic sorts have written hate-verses about these people, and if I were so inclined I'd do the same.

In short: Kalli and I received some stuff that was not as described and really, it's just saddening. She's had to open cases regarding a doll's clothes being sewn to the doll (completely absent from the seller's description) and a doll that arrived with hair stinking of rot. I'm not even kidding, here, she pulled the doll out of its plastic bag and the room was instantly filled with the smell of dank mildew. It was awful. The outer packaging didn't have any water-damage so the seller obviously packed up the doll in that condition. x.x I've left the poor thing to soak in some laundry detergent but who knows, really.

All of the above is why I do my best to accurately describe each and every item I list up for sale. I want people to know exactly what they're getting. These efforts are not just to protect my reputation as a seller, but to ensure they don't receive any unfortunate surprises. :/ Never mind that it always seemed like common courtesy.
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