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Haven't posted in days~

The wig I ordered a couple weeks ago [discussed here] arrived! What's more, it's a perfect fit! I'm really excited about this because 5~6 wigs are bound to be around a lot longer than Moxie Teenz; they're tied to a few resin dolls. My final claim on dolls was 2.0 Arizona, Melrose, and Tristen. I've decided it's all going to go on hold because Kalli and I have bills to pay (thankfully none are late) and she needs a new external drive for her computer.

All of the above, plus Monster High really isn't going anywhere. I'm not particularly concerned about dropping out of the doll scene for a few months, and I have plenty to keep me busy until some future date when I have frivolous money to spend. I still have a ghost idea of a photoshoot with the MH ghouls I *do* have and I want to create profiles for each of the Moxie Teenz.

What this means: lots more Moxie Teenz stuff, some Monster High stuff, and maybe some new springtime acquisitions of Fashionista Ken clothes (because they fit Moxie Teenz). I figure that won't happen until May and it won't happen at all unless they're under $6 at Wal*Mart.

Right, now to get to some picture-taking and profile-writing! ;)
4th-Jan-2012 11:15 am - Doll wigs
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I'm thinking I should put more icons in this account (DW side). Sadly my LJ icon limit is maxed (last I checked, maybe I'm wrong) so the new icons will only be visible on DW. (All of these entries are x-posted from my DW, LJ friends.)

My grandmother sent me a small amount of money. I'm going to keep most of it for the next grocery shopping trip, but I did get one of these. Moxie Teenz wear 5/6 wigs and even though I've been looking, I've yet to see a Liv wig that seems well-made. Thankfully I do like these and they run at similar prices. I don't know if it'll fit, but I hope so. If it does I may (in future months) pick up a couple more. I haven't seen a long version in red yet, but I hope I'll have enough in my bank account to snag one if/when it does come along. I'd love to try it on Reilly.

Kalli loves the little Lati Yellows and if their wigs fit the Moxie Teenz, all the better. I'll have a couple on hand so she can switch them out on her future dolls. :) (Eee, dolls.)
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