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14th-Dec-2013 02:26 pm - Bay of evil and weather
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So I'm sure everyone knows, but people are selling off their Monster High collections on eBay. If you've got patience (and older dolls) that you particularly wanted back-when, nowish is the time to be hunting them. Kalli and I have managed to score a couple ghouls for less than what they originally retailed for. It takes me a long time to find ones with decent pictures so I can weed out eye-wonk, but it's worth it. I've stopped worrying about glue because if I'm terribly fussed, there are lovely people who offer rerooting services and really, it's just a matter of saving up for that.

My Christmas excitement is finally starting to settle in. I've really enjoyed having Kalli open up gifts. I'm awful, really, and hate surprises. It makes me happy to have her open up her things and look at them. (Saving items for one specific day is just silly. I like making people feel special often.)

We've got a Nor'easter on its way! I think we're supposed to get at least 14 inches of snow, if the weather reporters are to be believed, and eeeeeeeee I loves me some winter. Tons of dolls-in-snow pictures to come, I'm sure! We may lose power but that's no real hardship with a woodstove and piles of woollen blankets.

I should get some pics of the tree...
1st-Dec-2012 03:49 pm - Holiday shopping
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Kalli and I went out with Alisha to do some Christmas shopping. I think we were all hoping to find some Monster High but Justice only had Roller Maze and a few slim-boxed Scaris dolls (Draculaura, Ghoulia). I think I'll be leaving that line well enough alone; they're all Indonesia-made and and I'm still extremely disheartened about the glue issue. It destroyed three my favorite ghouls! :/ Alisha had the incredible luck of coming across two Dance Class Howleens a little over a week ago so that's one two good things! (They're China-made and slim-box so really shouldn't have glue inside their heads.)

I picked up Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. Kalli and I poked around in the Native American shop (looooovely dreamcatchers, very inspiring) and Books a Million, which didn't have MH because they're a tiny outlet. I didn't think they would, but they had an absolutely adorable owl bookmark. Owls! *-*

One of the employees at Justice really ticked me off. She asked "who's the little girl you're shopping for?" which was polite enough, I guess, so I cheerfully said "oh no, this would definitely be for me" and her face instantly soured. Feeling somewhat rebuffed, I went back to browsing the scarves and heard her say "you must like glitter" in a disapproving voice so I said "I love glitter!" with the hope that my (by then) false cheer would get her to leave me alone, but she kept standing around watching my girlfriend and I shop. It was really weird; we weren't dressed suspiciously and definitely lacked the necessary bagginess to pocket anything. I couldn't help feeling judged for being a customer in a 'girly store' even though I'm obviously female and so were the people shopping with me. :/

The roads were dusty with snow all the way to North Conway NH and back to Lovell. It's really starting to look and feel like the holidays around here. I refuse to let one nosy employee ruin the rest of my day!
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Using Grell's icon because I'm feeling a bit chaotic and persistent~

Someone called out a dessert Tumblr about their silly giveaway guidelines, so I sent a message with my own $0.02 and got a rather patronizing reply, at least in my opinion. (Basically anyone who patronizes me is instantly labeled douchebag and I move on, but like I said: chaotic persistence!)

If you're curious I'll provide a link, but it's definitely not an important issue.

Someone on the MH LJ community had a first edition Abbey Bominable. :) I jumped at the opportunity because I'd been hoping someone would offer one of the first release dolls now that the second release is (comparably) easier to find. The only difference is the China vs. Indonesia issue; I wanted an Abbey that wouldn't have factory glue holding her hair in. I don't want to worry about the glue disintegrating and ruining her pretty hair.

She should arrive tomorrow. ♥ I can't wait. I was able to purchase her for shelf price + decent shipping (I think it was $22?) which is well below the prices people are asking on eBay. I don't even have to look to know!

The weather says it's storming here, but it isn't. I wish it would. June's usually the month of violent thunderstorms every afternoon around 4pm, like clockwork, and I can't wait for that either.
26th-Oct-2011 06:19 pm - Moxie Teenz (Melrose in the snow)
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On a somewhat less bitchy note (re: previous entry), Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I trussed up our Moxie Teenz in winter outfits and took them out to photograph. We live in Colorado so there's usually some snow pretty early, but this is the non-sticking kind so we wanted to hurry up and get some pictures in before it disappeared.

Under here! If you want to go to my Flickr click on the images. )
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