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15th-Apr-2013 10:43 pm - Squee!
teenythings: (Your smile)
Dollies finally crossed into domestic tracking!

I'm so behind on Kittyden stuff it isn't even funny. x.x I've got antibiotics now, though, and they're working so I should be back to normal... soon? I hope?
3rd-Apr-2013 05:44 pm - Kittyden price chop
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
Before I go to Tumblr with pics and prices, I figured I'd let everyone here know I cut down most of the stuff currently available at Kittyden. I (rather pathetically) couldn't figure out how to run a sale without it applying to everything in the shop, and Jodi's decorated eggs weren't getting a price reduction (just everything else).

Anyway, everything's marked down by percentages in preparation of some new stuff we're going to roll out bit by bit. Think doll jewelry, summer dresses, prom dresses, hats, and probably some character-themed outfits. The jewelry's probably going to hit first.

If you were after leggings in particular, I've adjusted those to reflect the exact amount I have ready-made. I won't be making up anything new for at least a few weeks, if not a month or two. I want to focus on little dresses and suchlike - worry not, they'll be back, but not right away. Grab what's there while it's available.

Waiting for new dolls to arrive is such torture, isn't it? I've got tracking numbers but I don't know if the stuff Kalli and I ordered has left the origin facility in Hong Kong yet. Woe! Many many photos once they arrive, of course. :)
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