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29th-Nov-2013 11:38 pm - It's official!
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Butterfly girl)
Kalli and I are doing the thing! We're finally having some dolls re-rooted! We're sending out Spectra and Toralei to Kristen tomorrow! Much squee!

I know I'd said I wanted to do it, but honestly.. after Spectra's lovely hair arrived in the mail, I couldn't bring myself to use her as my first attempt with saran. I didn't want to screw it up, especially considering one of the colors was listed as a limited edition.

If giftcash happens, we might send along a few more. I want Catrine to have black hair, as previously noted, and my poor Rochelles have been on the waiting list for almost as long as Spectra.

And then there's Operetta. *headdesk*

I was peeking around on eBay for something specific (which I found, and Kalli snagged, eee) but, besides the win, I noticed a lot of Monster High ads were mentioning variations of "doll in used condition, hair is weirdly sticky." It's about time the masses started catching on. Really, it's only taken them a few years. (Oh well, I guess.)
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I had news! My new camera is on its way and should be arriving on the 19th or 20th! Eeee, I can't wait. I'm completely disenchanted with my current camera (having exhausted its capabilities) and can't wait to try my hand at a new one with upgraded functions.

All you reader-types can expect an influx of doll, pet, and holiday pictures! My girlfriend and I are having a guest over for Christmas so I'll definitely be taking pictures of All The Things, as it were. ;) Eee camera camera camera~

My Christmas shopping included books and more books this year. My girlfriend gifted me with Spectra and Skull Shores Ghoulia, the latter having turned up at our local Wal*Mart. I didn't care for her swimsuit so she's been redressed in some ex-Bratz outfits and looks sassy indeed. I love her curly hair!

Kalli picked up Torelai and Skull Shores Abbey, also discovered at our previously unstocked Wal*Mart. I told her Torelai was the hype of the season, right up there with the original Abbey (still very HTF). We're hoping Abbey will show up on Amazon for under $20 next month, a la all good things come to those who wait.

I conquered the evils of Craigslist in order to get a futon frame and mattress. My efforts paid off with an excellent frame and a serviceable mattress; it's basically your standard sort of futon padding. I think it's really comfortable, but it's a little too big for the frame and might work out better as a bed if it's put on the floor. In the meantime it makes a very comfortable nest-sofa that Kalli really likes. We put cushions and small fleece blankets all over it.

Apologies about all the dust that's been collecting on this journal. It'll probably see a resurgence of updates very soon, pending new camera and all. :)

Bonus picture of the futon!

Image shows a light-colored wooden frame with a black futon mattress. It's resting in the 'bed' position with an autumn-themed fleecy blanket and cushion. Three cats are on it - two ginger kitties and one pure black kitty. The ginger kitties belong to Kalli and are named Sunfire and Phoenix. The black kitty is Piper.
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