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3rd-Apr-2013 05:44 pm - Kittyden price chop
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Before I go to Tumblr with pics and prices, I figured I'd let everyone here know I cut down most of the stuff currently available at Kittyden. I (rather pathetically) couldn't figure out how to run a sale without it applying to everything in the shop, and Jodi's decorated eggs weren't getting a price reduction (just everything else).

Anyway, everything's marked down by percentages in preparation of some new stuff we're going to roll out bit by bit. Think doll jewelry, summer dresses, prom dresses, hats, and probably some character-themed outfits. The jewelry's probably going to hit first.

If you were after leggings in particular, I've adjusted those to reflect the exact amount I have ready-made. I won't be making up anything new for at least a few weeks, if not a month or two. I want to focus on little dresses and suchlike - worry not, they'll be back, but not right away. Grab what's there while it's available.

Waiting for new dolls to arrive is such torture, isn't it? I've got tracking numbers but I don't know if the stuff Kalli and I ordered has left the origin facility in Hong Kong yet. Woe! Many many photos once they arrive, of course. :)
23rd-Mar-2013 09:53 pm - Updates: streaming!
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I posted up Jodi's knit items in Kittyden: Rainbow girl and Punk in pink. They're the first two things in a series of stuff I hope to post throughout the week; Kalli ordered some patterns and Jodi and I have been having fun. We're (fingers crossed) not going ANYWHERE tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to motivate myself to sit and sew all day. I've got some stuff to sew by hand and all the supplies I'll need.

Here's a few more pics of Jodi's sweater-jackets on the ghouls~ )
12th-Mar-2013 11:31 pm - Kittyden got its Saturday update
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Noticing people've bought things in my shop always brightens my day. I don't know if I mentioned, but Kittyden's got shiny gold leggings as well as smooth black leggings now. The gold compliments the silver by providing an opposite; they look awesome on Clawdeen, Cleo, Toralei, and Jinafire. The smooth black leggings are basically just like the black velvet ones but lack the fuzziness.

Besides the leggings, I finally got around to posting Tip. I'm not completely satisfied with her description and might try to get some photos of her outside to accentuate her features. I would've done the photos today but it rained... and rained ... and rained ....

The forecast says it's supposed to rain for the next two weeks. I suppose I'll just have to wait for a dry patch so I can get some decent pics.

Leggings are great but I'm hoping to get some shirts of varying descriptions into the shop. Monster High ghouls are severely lacking in the complimentary shirts department; I'm always cursing the lack of them when re-dressing my dolls. White, black, red, and maybe dark purple are upcoming in that area.

Shirrrrrrrrrrrrrts! (So waileth the Sadie-creature.)
2nd-Mar-2013 07:52 am - Shop news, personal whining + goals
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I'm not actually going to have much of a presence in today's Kittyden updates. I was working on a couple things yesterday but none of them turned out quite right (waste of fabric, back to the drawing board with some patterns). It's not a total loss but they're just not coming out the way I want.

Perfectionism's often a hindrance so I suppose I'm not trying for that, exactly, but I'm definitely fussy. Some of the stuff I've been fiddling with hasn't been meeting my personal standards of sturdiness or appearance.

One point in my favor: I've discovered a method of reinforcing the threadwork on blouses (etc) that won't be visible when the pieces are done. Extra sturdiness! Besides that, I'm considering linings on the insides of bodices (especially fitted ones; darts aren't the most attractive things). Sturdiness, practicality, and lovely appearance!

Right then. More stuff for Kittyden, but mostly items crafted by Jodi. I'm going to start listing up some custom dolls but they'll be pricier - I never thought they'd take so much TIME. Effort's one thing, I don't mind putting appropriate effort in, but days and days and argh. Profits from the customs will go toward a new laptop because mine's on its last legs. The usb ports fried out and can't be replaced and the keyboard's degrading. I have to really whack my space key right in the center in order to type coherently. IfIdon'tdo itjust right itlookslike thiswithoutfail. :|

I'm also in serious need of a camera upgrade. I've been wanting a nice one since early 2011 but stalling because of money (either lack of or not wanting to spend that much at once).

Laptop first, then camera. No new dolls (except maybe the two swimsuit Venus dolls) until these priorities are met. :|
16th-Feb-2013 02:42 pm - Shop updates
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Kittyden's about to receive its typical Saturday afternoon inventory update. Jodi and I finished a kimono in fancy brocade and there's some new knitwear pieces. We'd hoped to have two kimonos but sadly both of our sewing machines are out for the count - Jodi's decided it's only going to sew in reverse and mine needs a new foot pedal. They'll get to go to the sewing machine doctor on Monday but I expect repairs will take a few days and my new foot pedal might need to be ordered from somewhere. Next Saturday's update might be delayed by a week or more, but Jodi knits so there will probably be a few more cute knitwear items added. :)

Quick, go buy our stuff! :D We've also got a Facebook page for shop teasers and updates!

JinJin goes to Japan
5th-Jan-2013 01:13 pm - It's coming!
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There might be a lightbox in existence by the end of today! Jodi's completed the first official inventory item for the upcoming Etsy shop and I'm going to be adding bits and pieces to ensembles very soon. If anyone's particularly enthused about Robecca's new fashion pack dress, that'll feature in the shop - I'm working out a pattern from it for duplication in different materials.

I'll update again when the shop goes live!
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