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31st-Dec-2011 07:07 pm - Fix it then
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I feel kind of peevish. Quite a few doll reviews out there - on Amazon, Wal*Mart, K-Mart, etc, are just so aggravating. People talk about things with no sense of responsibility at all. I'm not saying dolls never break but really, if your kid breaks them and you just go buy them duplicates what are they learning? "My toys break so my mom gets more."

If my toys broke when I was a kid (and yes, it did happen) I didn't get another one. If I wasn't able to fix it and make do, that was it. Since I liked my toys, I learned how to take care of them. I had a Fantasy Filly in a leg splint because my dad shut my bedroom door a little too hard. She fell off the shelf and broke.

It's not the manufacturer's fault, or even my dad's, really, it's not like he intentionally took it off the shelf and dropped it. Accidents happen, but I didn't get a new horse. I fixed her leg and played with her just as I played with the others. (She was my invalid pony and I actually liked her a little bit more for it. Even now I have a collection of not-quite-perfects and I love them for their individuality.)

Another thing I've noticed are the people who leave poor marks under the 'educational' rating on various sites. These usually accompany poor reviews of the items in question.

Dolls, in particular, can be educational. Since I liked them (and obviously still do) I learned how to fix them and preserve them to the best of my ability.

I wouldn't have learned that if a broken doll meant I got a replacement.

In turn, thanks to a certain level of fix-it resourcefulness, I'm also really good at fixing things around the house. My first solution isn't a trip to the store to buy a replacement. If I can fix it myself, it's money saved for something else that I might not be able to repair through DIY means.

(Obviously toys are not on the same educational level as, for example, books, but they can aid in a certain sense of creative fix-it-yourself, which is fun to watch kids do.)

This isn't my photo, but it's the Fantasy Filly I had. Her broken leg was in the back, on the right side if you held her nose to your face. )
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