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28th-Dec-2011 12:56 pm - Give details!
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I suppose I'm only setting myself up for disappointment when I order used books from Amazon. After receiving two advanced-reader copies, multiple ex-library books, and a book without its cover, I put 'no advance-reader editions, ex-libraries, or torn out pages' on my Amazon profile. (A couple very nice friends occasionally gift me books from my main Amazon wishlist so I figured a notation would help. My uncle, for instance, probably wouldn't think to check.)

For Christmas I bought several books for my girlfriend and for myself under the 'used' category. I checked the seller's details very carefully but, lo, I still managed to end up with two ex-library editions and an advanced reader edition.

WHY can't sellers note these things in their product info? I'm so annoyed! I hate receiving books completely swathed in plastic stick-casing and library paraphernalia (can't read the front or back cover) and getting advanced reader editions or proofing copies (NOT FOR RETAIL SALE even stamped right across the cover) because it's really irritating! The book is not in great condition; it's not even the whole book! :|

Note to self: if it's a dollar or so more to just get a new copy of the book in question, just get the new version. Going with used is far too disappointing!
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