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2nd-Dec-2013 10:37 pm - Doll re-rooting projects
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Little sprite)
Ever since getting into Monster High (and perhaps more specifically, doll customization) I've had this fear that someone will come to me and say "I had that idea first!"

Thanks to worrying about this, perhaps unnecessarily, I've rather carefully kept quiet about various ideas involving dolls, re-roots, and outfits. The only person who's been 'in the know' is Kalli.

So I guess I'm going to write this entry, and it's going to be about dolls, re-rooting, and Things I Wanna Have Done (since my lazy ass sure isn't doing it).

* Spectra re-rooted in the same style she came with, in the same colors. (In-progress!)

* My two Rochelle Goyles done with gray hair (majority) with cotton candy pink prominent in one and cotton candy blue prominent in the other. Hints of pink and blue in both, but essentially one as 'twilight' and one as 'dawn.'

* A Lagoona Blue completely done in her original blonde tone, boil-permed into curls.

* A Lagoona Blue done in the two shades of blue that usually comes streaked throughout her hair. (Possibly some variation here, depending on the doll's make-up.)

* My original yellow and orange-haired Howleen re-rooted in the same colors, long and straight. (I might curl it eventually, or give her a chic cut.)

* My pink haired Dance Class Howleen done in her original pink mixed with a lighter pink (like her 13 Wishes version) but long. (Also may curl/eventually evolve to chic cut.)

* Operetta re-rooted in black hair with a lone streak of white. Curled, movie-star style.

* Catrine deMew re-rooted in glossy black saran, anime-esque 'bangs in front, long in back' style. (This one is not my own idea, was rather completely inspired by this.)

* CAM Sea Monster re-rooted with black hair mixed with pink and sea green/teal (matching her eyeliner and lipstick) underneath in streaks. 'Scene hair' style.

* Robecca re-rooted with glossy black (majority) with dark blue (glossy) filtered through. Not streaked so much as blended in.

* CAM witch re-rooted with carrot orange (if such a thing exists). A hint of a widow's peak on her forehead.

* A Spectra doll re-rooted with ice white with teal streaked through.

I've had these ideas swimming in my head for ages. They're my own (except Catrine) but, given how long it's taken me to actually send off one of mine (and Kalli's) dolls, I have no doubts that other people out there have already done some of the above. My versions aren't likely to be the first of their kind, as such things go. Nearly all of my inspiration was drawn from each doll's face, or pictures of them wearing different outfits, or their backgrounds (canon or imagined).

Having these ideas hangin' out in my head has also been a source of frustration. I'm currently a rather typical poor college kid and re-root services can be pricey. Moreso, as someone who used to sew (since I don't, at the moment, and can't really continue to claim something I haven't touched in months), I think re-root artists undercharge for their work. Re-rooting is difficult stuff, not to mention time-consuming. I want to be like "here take my money" on a regular basis because the results are just so amazing, but this would be far more effective if I actually had money. Spectra's being funded by Christmas giftcash from what remaining family doesn't hate me for becoming a rampaging lesbian who votes liberal. ;)
28th-Feb-2013 12:15 pm - Doll fixin'
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
As I've mentioned in the past, quite a few of my Monster High dolls have succumbed to Mattel's prevalent 'glue problem.' I have eight dolls that need their hair replaced thanks to shoddy manufacturing processes. A few others are beginning to show signs of leakage but they'll survive for a couple more months without looking like mussed-up greaseballs.

Kalli placed an order for two colors of saran from DollyHair last night. They're for my Spectra because I really do miss her gorgeous hair.

Pictures (from Kalli's Flickr) under here.  )

Anyway, hi ho re-rooting I go!

Here's the 'to-do' shelf for upcoming re-roots.

It's roughly $28 per doll for just the supplies; it'd be less, I think, if they were like Barbie with single tones of hair or able to use a blend but most Monster High dolls have distinct mixes of two different colors. Rochelle, for instance, has two types of pink hair with blue streaks. I'll eventually have a bunch of leftover hair to play around with so this is definitely worth doing, but it's going to be somewhat expensive to get started.

If I find myself enjoying this and maybe even somewhat good at it, I might offer out re-rooting services on Kittyden. It won't be for a bit, yet. I want to build up stock and experience first.
4th-May-2012 01:10 pm - First custom re-root - Lagoona Blue
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I've finally finished my first custom doll thanks to a rather ingenious idea from a friend. (He solved allllllll my problems!)

Lagoona Blue~ )

I re-rooted her with two different shades of yarn. The yarn is called 'Homespun' and feels quite soft. (I hate rough yarns.) The colors in the lighter yarn are a light sea blue/green tone and a faintly blonde tone. In the second shade, the colors are dark blue, purple, and green. These colors blend together nicely. My total work-time was roughly 13 hours, but spread out over several days. Perhaps two or three hours a day. Kalli got me a glass bottle of Pepsi to celebrate. :)

Lagoona isn't for sale, as she's in my personal collection, but after I do a few more dolls and gain experience I might open up an Etsy shop for custom re-rooting services in yarn AND saran hair. My next project, Spectra, will be done in saran hair. I haven't ordered it yet, but I'll get some work-in-progress photos up once I start. I plan to do her in the needle-knot method so her hair will be very secure.
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