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23rd-Mar-2014 03:36 pm - Story progression idea
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Butterfly girl)

If I were to make a project (story-progression) for one of my dolls...

Who'd be interested in reading it?

I'll start out with just one doll (1/6th scale) because I tend to get overwhelmed with my projects, even if they're 'fun.' So, one doll initially, with occasional visits from other dolls.

Besides the fun aspect, I want to expand my photography skills, play around in photoshop, and write. Writers need to write things, and I haven't been doing nearly enough of that (outside of my English class, anyway). Who knows, it might even inspire me to get back into sewing!

Right, sound off!
24th-Feb-2014 10:28 pm - Long-ass update about everything
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Darcy's trouble)
I feel like it's been ages since I've written anything in here...

Lots of stuff has been going on. I finally built my computer (mentioned in a prior entry), I'm still in school (only a few weeks left before registration opens up for spring), and I finally got some English budgies. I can't remember if I mentioned my budgies in this journal, but I've had various feathery faces since I was nine. It's been a long-term wish of mine to have some English budgies and they're even sweeter than I'd originally imagined.

Here's some pics. )

Alisha and I drove ten hours to get them. I already had Jenna, but getting these guys was a good move as far as she's concerned. She's much calmer than the American budgies and now has some friends more to her speed. I still need to research her original owner--she has a metal band that I should be able to trace her by. I can't remember if the people who partially traded her for a lovebird back when I lived in Colorado Springs said she was 1/4 American or what. She's a touch smaller than the English budgies, but quite a bit larger than the Americans. She's got the big feet and classic feather density, as well as the same eyes.

Jenna. )

I love her dark amber eyes. Her feathers make her face look a touch grouchy, but she's a sweet bird. :)

I miss doing doll things but all of my money (of late) has gone towards these feathery monsters. I'm hoping to breed each pair once a year and sell a few of their chicks. As far as I know, I'm the only person in Maine with more than a couple of these birds. (Rather, I'm sure other people have them, but I haven't seen any listings for anyone local rehoming chicks. The nearest place is Massachusetts, which is where I went to get these guys.)

Once the weather gets warmer I'm hoping to map out a custom semi-aviary with my landlord Steve. I won't be able to house them outdoors (and wouldn't want to, even if I could) but I'd love a large custom aviary that I could wheel in and out of the house. It'd be nice to sit them out in the sun during the warm months--I've got bulbs that imitate sunlight but nothing beats the real deal as far as birds are concerned. :)
23rd-Aug-2013 12:09 pm - Things and more things
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Darcy's trouble)
Today is a day of pterodactyl shrieks, running around in the woods taking pictures of mushrooms, and the pending arrival of Cute Dolls. My favorite DS9 authors updated with The Thing (The Thing! The Thing!) for their DD9 AU storyline and that's a million kinds of excitement, and then the mushrooms is just something my girlfriend and I do but also Jodi, apparently, so that's planned for this afternoon, and then Kalli ordered pretties so they'll be arriving soon.

Pretties! (They're nude, and it's a large pic.) )

Jodi and I are probably going to make lovely outfits for them. The one on the left is one of the Moon Fairy versions, the one in the middle is one of the dynasty bride girls, and the one on the right comes in a long pink gown with a brocade collar. These are nude, of course, and were found on eBay (which is rare, since Americans haven't picked up on Kurhn dolls yet). They all have dark hair that's braided and twisted up in fancy hairstyles and each doll has eyelashes.

I can't wait to make things for them!
9th-Jul-2013 02:59 pm - Current project
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Okay so I don't post about my works-in-progress nearly often enough. Here's the most recent of such things:

Shelves! )

I was over at the 'ents upgrading their computers (always fun, the mother was shocked as usual) and I had the mind to ask my dad if he had any spare shelves. He didn't, or didn't have anything precisely like what I had in mind, but then I found some of my old bedroom shelves in the eaves. These weren't quite what I had in mind either, but I figured the upgrades wouldn't be too difficult. These were originally pine-yellow and, while sturdy (solid wood), kind of.. cheaply constructed. I've sanded them down quite a bit and Alisha and I did a spread of walnut varnish over them. Now they're a warm medium brown, and once it sets we'll enamel them so they'll have a glossy look.

The shelves themselves are quite small, but perfect for a couple dolls each. I'm thinking they'll be for the Kurhn dolls with the lovely gowns. They look like balconies with a low rail. The color's rather complimentary to the rest of our bedroom furniture, too! I can't wait to enamel them and get them up on the wall!
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