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2nd-May-2013 09:17 pm - Stuff I fuss over and Kurhn bodies
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I'm currently existing in a strange in-between zone with my hobbies. My current laptop is driving me batty with the USB ports being essentially useless. They won't work with anything that has an internal power source, so my camera, external drive, and Kalli's iPod won't read. It takes the little thumb drives but that only goes so far.

My camera's an older model and simply incapable of taking photos with the level of clarity and crispness I'm after. It's not very versatile, primarily due to its age and well, it's a point-and-shoot. They make awesome point-and-shoot cameras these days, but the ones from twelve years ago....... it's frustrating, so I haven't been using it much lately.

I've been working on stuff for Kittyden though. Jodi's been far more patient with me than I honestly deserve. :) I cut some kimonos from the lovely brocade fabrics and she's waiting on me to cut a few more in the cotton with the teeny prints so I can start getting familiar with her sewing machine. My own machine turned out to be a complete disappointment so, once I've scored myself a new computer and a new camera I'll be looking at a sewing machine.

'Stuff' aside, I've been meaning to write about the Kurhn dolls Kalli and I have been slowly bringing home.

About their bodies... )
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