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3rd-Jul-2013 12:33 pm - Image hosting sites
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Photobucket's a heap of constantly-updating-itself rubbish. I've got two different computers that can't select direct links on there.

Flickr's gone and made itself slow, buggy, and looks asinine to boot. It eats my uploads every one out of three attempts.

Ipernity's weird.

DeviantArt's slow and has too many steps prior to images being uploaded. Once they're uploaded the linking process is a pain in the ass. (Have you tried, lately? Go try it. Seriously.)

...I guess I'll poke around with Ipernity a little more.
22nd-May-2013 08:24 pm - Ugh, change
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Flickr's gone and made itself all ugly and difficult to navigate. x.x I cancelled my pro subscription and downgraded to 'free' with pro-rated refund pending. Photobucket's irritating on an entirely different level, though, so I'm somewhat at a loss for where I'm going to keep my pictures. I really liked the original Flickr. :( If they add a 'use old style' button I'll stick with it but if not, I guess I'll be on the market for a new place to store and share my photos!
25th-Mar-2013 12:58 pm - Moxie Teenz
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Most of the Moxie Teenz my girlfriend and I share have been packed away since the move. I've been pretty disheartened about it because, although I packed them safely, I knew their wigs would be a mess and their clothes all mixed up. Digging them all out and brushing the wigs has been on my mind for months, as well as re-dressing everyone.

I fiiiiiiiinally did it! )

I'll get some descriptions for these ladies up later. They're wearing a ton of outfit pieces and jewelry and even have their stock bags. *It took forever* to get them all brushed out and dressed up nicely again!
12th-Feb-2013 06:04 pm - Back to accomplishing things
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Okay so I'm finally 80% over my cold and Kittyden's about to be updated. I had a couple orders to go out today but the stupid post office (long story) was closed, so they'll all hit the post tomorrow even if I have to go into Fryeburg to mail them.

Jodi and I are going to have some really exciting new stuff for Kittyden this Saturday. The updates I'm sticking in this evening are just things I've been meaning to get in there since Saturday. I still need to finish Tip's boots and get her listing up as well as finish sewing some buttons and trim on a pj set. Besides these basic things, we made a stop at JoAnn's and the place looked like it'd recently received a shipment. The shelves were PACKED. We found some really exciting brocade fabric to make kimonos out of - stay tuned!

(They will be kimonos with under-dresses and socks!)

I still haven't managed to find Catrine and I've promised her to friends besides myself, so I'm a teensy bit aggravated. Luckily I found (despite my earlier lack of enthusiasm) Jinafire, who's inspired three new concepts that should appear on Etsy very soon!

15th-Jan-2013 11:01 am - Lightbox!
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The lightbox is complete! Kalli and I spraypainted it last night and I put the finishing touches on it this morning: tissue paper, masking tape, inside curve of white poster material. It works fabulously, but now begins the real fun: protecting it from the six cats who live in this house, all of whom LOVE BOXES.
30th-Dec-2012 05:28 pm - Tiny things!
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Florescent lights ruin my camera's ability to take decent photos. It's been outside-or-nothing lately, most (if not all) of the lights in the bunker are geared for energy conservation. I think it's the heightened blue spectrum that's causing problems and Jodi's camera also struggles but not quite as badly. I managed to get a couple decent photos featuring the scarves I've been making. Are they cute? Should I seriously consider adding them to my future Etsy shop? They'd probably be sold accompanied with tiny knit hats. I'd likely be open to custom scarves in specific colors, such as a batch of 5 for like, $10 plus shipping.

Under the tree
28th-Oct-2012 09:26 am - Photo competition and Halloween prep
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I didn't place for the Monster High photo competition buuut I'm not particularly surprised or sad. Having my things in storage and then four straight days of rain trampled all over my photo opportunities. I'd planned to have pumpkins in the photos but the ones out by the door rotted with all the rain. (Alisha and company have since gone and picked up new ones to make into Jack o' Lanterns.) Maybe next year! Kalli didn't place in the photo competition either. Her entry was the CAM Bee girl by the pumpkins. Somehow the pumpkins didn't look quite so rotted in her photo, but then her camera's a lot better than my point and shoot.

Besides that I've still been learning how to sew. Jodi's been showing me how to make facings and then fold them over to create collars and tucks on shirts. It's going well, but I really wish I could motivate myself to work on it more often than I do. I'll pounce her later today.

Alisha and Kat are going to make Oreo Cheesecake cupcakes for Halloween and I think Kalli and I are going to dig around in the boxes of Renaissance-wear for costume concepts. I've already found one dress that fits me well so the next interesting bit will be fixing my hair.

That or I could go as a pirate, harem pants and all!
20th-Oct-2012 11:17 am - Learning how to sew
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I'm finally learning how to sew! After all the chaos of moving back to Maine and having our housing plans completely fall through (thanks, mum) my girlfriend and I are renting a room at a friend's house. Alisha's parents are introverts like Kalli and I, as is Alisha, so when we're not all communicating by squeaks, grunts, and odd keening noises we're Getting Stuff Done. Alisha's mum (Jodi) knows how to sew and she's been showing me how to take doll shirts and stencil them into patterns. I made a shirt on prototype linen yesterday and it fits Operetta perfectly! (We're using Operetta's sleeveless top as a starter pattern because it's fairly basic. Next up is Draculaura's newsie shirt with sleeves.) Excitement!

Besides sewing I entered the Monster High Halloween Photo Competition. I missed out last year by like, a day, which was completely ridiculous. :| I'd hoped to have a better photo to enter but I wasn't able to get my doll things out of storage until the 18th and that left the 19th and today. It's been raining since Thursday evening so Frankie's lucky her photo happened outside. I hope people like the photo anyway.

Dead Tired Clawdeen is en route to me, as is a teeny package with outfits from Taiwan. I can't wait for them to arrive (more things to sketch patterns from)!
6th-Oct-2012 01:20 pm - Autumn foliage and Abbey
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It's October! Autumn isn't Abbey's favorite season, but it's definitely a sign that winter's on the way!

It's autumn!

More photos. )

I've really been making my poor little camera work. All of these photos have been 'treated' as it were. ;)
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