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24th-Feb-2014 10:28 pm - Long-ass update about everything
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I feel like it's been ages since I've written anything in here...

Lots of stuff has been going on. I finally built my computer (mentioned in a prior entry), I'm still in school (only a few weeks left before registration opens up for spring), and I finally got some English budgies. I can't remember if I mentioned my budgies in this journal, but I've had various feathery faces since I was nine. It's been a long-term wish of mine to have some English budgies and they're even sweeter than I'd originally imagined.

Here's some pics. )

Alisha and I drove ten hours to get them. I already had Jenna, but getting these guys was a good move as far as she's concerned. She's much calmer than the American budgies and now has some friends more to her speed. I still need to research her original owner--she has a metal band that I should be able to trace her by. I can't remember if the people who partially traded her for a lovebird back when I lived in Colorado Springs said she was 1/4 American or what. She's a touch smaller than the English budgies, but quite a bit larger than the Americans. She's got the big feet and classic feather density, as well as the same eyes.

Jenna. )

I love her dark amber eyes. Her feathers make her face look a touch grouchy, but she's a sweet bird. :)

I miss doing doll things but all of my money (of late) has gone towards these feathery monsters. I'm hoping to breed each pair once a year and sell a few of their chicks. As far as I know, I'm the only person in Maine with more than a couple of these birds. (Rather, I'm sure other people have them, but I haven't seen any listings for anyone local rehoming chicks. The nearest place is Massachusetts, which is where I went to get these guys.)

Once the weather gets warmer I'm hoping to map out a custom semi-aviary with my landlord Steve. I won't be able to house them outdoors (and wouldn't want to, even if I could) but I'd love a large custom aviary that I could wheel in and out of the house. It'd be nice to sit them out in the sun during the warm months--I've got bulbs that imitate sunlight but nothing beats the real deal as far as birds are concerned. :)
2nd-Mar-2013 09:56 am - Friend communities
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I just posted a little about myself and this journal in some friending communities. Here's what I wrote in them for anyone who's still fairly new. :)

Name: Laura, Sadie, or Alex. I've gone by all of them but Laura's the one on the driver's license.
Age: 23
Location: Maine, USA. I was born in New Hampshire, grew up in Maine, visited Canada twice, visited Texas for a few weeks, visited the UK for a few months, and lived in Colorado for 4 years. I've criss-crossed the country twice and drove across it in July of 2012.
School/job: I've done all kinds of things. Waitressing, hostessing, minor bookkeeping, a partial Associate's degree through two different colleges in Colorado. I'm planning on finishing up that degree and pursuing a pharmacy technician license, but probably not this year.
Likes: Dolls! My journal is primarily filled with my hobby pursuits. I frequently update about my Etsy shop. I like Monster High, Moxie Teenz, Kurhn, S.I.S. and many others. (I also make things, hence the shop!) Besides dolls, I'm really into ABC's Once Upon a Time, BBC's Sherlock, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, all manner of fantasy and sci-fi books, BBC's Merlin, Stargate Universe, Firefly and various manga/anime (Kuroshitsuji, Fruits Basket, Loveless, Juuni Kokki, anything by Miyazaki.) Oh and I read books, obviously, though not as much lately with the shop up and running and trying to save up for a new laptop and camera.
Dislikes: Commercials in between segments of Once (the only show I've bothered to watch live in 5+ years), losing entries due to not copy-pasting before clicking 'post', losing thoughtful comments due to same, anyone who's ever voted against gay marriage laws being passed (i.e. equal rights), liars/cheaters/thieves what-have-you.
Anything else?: I'm owned by three cats - my girlfriend's ginger Phoenix, my fuzzy little (yeah, little) Maine Coon, and Marley the tuxie boy. Besides them I have nine budgies and my girlfriend has a rat named Nikolai. I'll occasionally post pictures of these critters who happily own my life but they're usually under a friendlock, you'll need to be added to see them.
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