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25th-Mar-2013 12:58 pm - Moxie Teenz
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Most of the Moxie Teenz my girlfriend and I share have been packed away since the move. I've been pretty disheartened about it because, although I packed them safely, I knew their wigs would be a mess and their clothes all mixed up. Digging them all out and brushing the wigs has been on my mind for months, as well as re-dressing everyone.

I fiiiiiiiinally did it! )

I'll get some descriptions for these ladies up later. They're wearing a ton of outfit pieces and jewelry and even have their stock bags. *It took forever* to get them all brushed out and dressed up nicely again!
25th-Feb-2013 09:26 am - So many concepts
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I have so many ideas for Kittyden projects! It's getting a little crazy, honestly; I've got a folder on my desktop packed with images of people-clothes from multitudes of Google searches. I don't have anything I'd consider exceedingly complex saved in there, but it's all going to take time and what I really need to do is sit out at the table and suss out patterns. I still have to try something I've been meaning to experiment with since I began. It should work better now that I have a general idea of the seam allowances necessary for various types of fabric.

Kalli and I organized all of our doll stuff last night. I've had the Monster High clothes in separate ziplock bags for over a year but now they're labeled with the doll's name - easier to find whichever bag we're after. I still have a few hairstyles to create and several ghouls ended up in new outfits for photos. Hazel's grumpy - I put her in Clawdeen's sister-pack dress. It matches her, but I don't think she approves of purple print overlay. ;)

Cry me a river~

Anyway, stuff's happening. Jodi and I are planning to focus on items for the Moxie Teenz for this weekend's inventory update. I'm hoping to eventually reach a level of experience with making doll clothes that I'll be able to barter/trade services with other customizers. I'd love to do a trade for a repaint someday, or some re-rooting. I've been re-rooting Monster High with yarn but have yet to actually order saran from the usual suspects. I'd like to do it, but my brain seems to enjoy sewing more than the process of rooting dolls, or the prospect of it.

I have a Spectra, Rochelle, two Cupids, Howleen, and a few others that could all use re-roots. Spectra's been at the top of the list for about a year now and I'd love to have my Rochelle look more gargoyle-y; I'm thinking she needs some gray in her hair, but I still really love her pink. :/ One of the Cupids needs to have long hair and the other curly, both in similar colors to their original tones. I'm planning on making one into a calaca, like Skelita.

So many things to dooooo!
4th-Feb-2013 12:13 pm - What has my life become?
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I just spent some eight hours (not consecutively) of my life browsing EvilBay, Amazon, and Regretsy for Barbie-sized clothes.

Clearly I ought to be put out of my misery, or possibly I just need to invest in several sketchbooks for clothing concepts I plan on bringing into reality.

My sewing machine comes out of storage on Thursday! there a fandom for doll-sized winterwear, raincoats, travel-themed outfits, international attire, and all-around fuzzy stuff? If so, I want in!
12th-Sep-2012 12:19 pm - All the cool kids were doing it
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Kalli made some of my photos into icons for journaling. <3 (I'd feel weird using icons made from other people's MH dolls.) I'm not sure why, but I didn't think any of my photos would work as icons. Apparently I was wrong, so color me pleasantly surprised. :) Now I fit in with the MH crowd!

In other news, life's still dull. I've been experimenting with different kitty litters because Phoenix and Gossy are in the room my girlfriend and I are sharing. The litter that suited our lifestyles in Colorado Springs (Tidy Cats) doesn't handle the humidity up here in Maine so we're giving Fresh Step a try. It's working quite well so far!

The majority of my doll collection is still in storage. I won't be able to get them out until Kalli and I find an apartment. In the meantime, I've got Draculaura (Kalli's, Forbitten Love in newspaper fashion pack), Robecca (found her in some random Wal*Mart in upstate NY on the drive to ME), my customized Lagoona with yarn hair, a Skull Shores Lagoona in the jumper fashion pack and Spectra in a custom outfit from Etsy. Rochelle's here too, but the glue problem completely destroyed her hair. :( She's a gunkfest and I don't have anything to get it out of her hair. Kalli has Toralei sitting on her desktop tower.

Oh and Reilly, Melrose, and Georgia are here. >.> I thought I brought too many but now I'm glad I did. I'd really be sad if I'd only brought one!

I decided to look for the Dead Tired wave 2 dolls. I've never seen them in person and I want to snag them before they're impossible to find. Kalli's up for the search so I've got my fingers crossed. They're basically the only ones I'm interested in besides the Scaris Rochelle, which I suspect will be a Christmas release.

Dolls in pjs will make my life semi-worthwhile until we've got a car, a place, and I've got a job again. I miss workiiiing, all of this sitting around is making me a crazy person. :|
4th-Feb-2012 06:41 pm - Doll news
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Thanks to a wicker bench, it's been really difficult for me to hang out at the computer for longer than ~30 minutes at a go. My legs fall asleep no matter what I do. It's the most frustrating feeling to shake off! Rrrgh!

That said, there's good news! My mother sent an unexpected money gift so I can pay back a friend, buy groceries, and still have a little to spare! I decided to get doll items (of course) so my Teenz are getting two new outfits. I've been eyeballing the pj set for Reilly but the prices on Amazon have hardly been accommodating, so when the pack turned up in a sale post on an LJ doll community I was all too excited to spring for it. :) I coupled it with the winter fashion pack because the one I got a few months ago had flaws. It'll be nice to (hopefully) have one without flaws and extra winter clothes are always a bonus!

I need to do a new photoshoot with ... everyone, basically, because the weather hasn't been cooperating as far as snow goes. I'll probably have far better winter-themed photos next year but until then I'll just have to improvise.

Kalli and I are looking forward to spring because the rose bushes will bloom. They were beautiful last year and I can't wait to photograph dolls by them in a few months!

Uhhm that's basically all of that.
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Haven't posted in days~

The wig I ordered a couple weeks ago [discussed here] arrived! What's more, it's a perfect fit! I'm really excited about this because 5~6 wigs are bound to be around a lot longer than Moxie Teenz; they're tied to a few resin dolls. My final claim on dolls was 2.0 Arizona, Melrose, and Tristen. I've decided it's all going to go on hold because Kalli and I have bills to pay (thankfully none are late) and she needs a new external drive for her computer.

All of the above, plus Monster High really isn't going anywhere. I'm not particularly concerned about dropping out of the doll scene for a few months, and I have plenty to keep me busy until some future date when I have frivolous money to spend. I still have a ghost idea of a photoshoot with the MH ghouls I *do* have and I want to create profiles for each of the Moxie Teenz.

What this means: lots more Moxie Teenz stuff, some Monster High stuff, and maybe some new springtime acquisitions of Fashionista Ken clothes (because they fit Moxie Teenz). I figure that won't happen until May and it won't happen at all unless they're under $6 at Wal*Mart.

Right, now to get to some picture-taking and profile-writing! ;)
7th-Jan-2012 09:33 pm - Reilly's new outfit
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I've been fiddling around with my Moxie Teenz lately. Even though I like Monster High I'm starting to realize these Moxie dolls are my favorites. I like their size, their eyes, and the versatility of the wigs. Barbie gowns fit them pretty well but long sleeves look a little strange. Occasionally length can be an issue, but even then a dress might turn out to be a good shirt! I have Future Plans for these girls but it's all on hold until I have a bit more than random pocket change to spend on them.

Reilly got a new outfit in the mail today!

Reilly's new outfit

Long story short: I saw this outfit back in July of 2011 and didn't buy it when it was on the shelf. I should have because Wal*Mart never restocked it! Finally I tracked it down on Ebay. Luckily enough, I was able to get it for $9 on there (shipping included) so I guess it wasn't such a ridiculous thing.

It looks great! The sweater fits perfectly but the jeans, despite fitting, aren't quite long enough. I stuck her in some tall boots and you'd never know. Even though I quite like it on her I might try it on Melrose next. The only reason I didn't stick it on Melrose from the beginning is because she's in the pink gown looking all fancy. I think she's playing at being a princess. :)

[Image description: the outfit consists of a maroon sweater with pale blue stitching at the hems. It has a crest on the front with a horse and crown. It fits the doll well. The jeans have stylized creasing and the doll herself has dark hair. I've tied her hair off her face with a tiny doll scarf so it sort of looks like she's wearing a headband.]
4th-Jan-2012 11:15 am - Doll wigs
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I'm thinking I should put more icons in this account (DW side). Sadly my LJ icon limit is maxed (last I checked, maybe I'm wrong) so the new icons will only be visible on DW. (All of these entries are x-posted from my DW, LJ friends.)

My grandmother sent me a small amount of money. I'm going to keep most of it for the next grocery shopping trip, but I did get one of these. Moxie Teenz wear 5/6 wigs and even though I've been looking, I've yet to see a Liv wig that seems well-made. Thankfully I do like these and they run at similar prices. I don't know if it'll fit, but I hope so. If it does I may (in future months) pick up a couple more. I haven't seen a long version in red yet, but I hope I'll have enough in my bank account to snag one if/when it does come along. I'd love to try it on Reilly.

Kalli loves the little Lati Yellows and if their wigs fit the Moxie Teenz, all the better. I'll have a couple on hand so she can switch them out on her future dolls. :) (Eee, dolls.)
29th-Dec-2011 03:39 pm - Doll exploits
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I've decided to collect the final three Moxie Teenz (wave 2 Arizona, Tristen, and Melrose). Kalli and I don't have them yet. We've only got wave 2 Bijou and Georgia's in her original clothes. I mentioned it on my Tumblr, but for those I've not added there: it looks like MGA plans to discontinue the line, which is very saddening. They're easily my favorite dolls. I'll be content once I have one of each. :) Three left~

Beyond that, I have my eyes on Ellowyne Wilde and Prudence Moody. Oh, and Momokos, but that hasn't changed. Both types are WAY out of my price range right now and probably will be for several months yet.
30th-Oct-2011 12:36 am - Dolls - not for the faint of heart?
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I had a doll scare earlier. I was outside getting some pictures of Georgia in a red Barbie kimono when a gust of wind hit her and knocked her over. She landed on cement, face down, and made one of those 'I've broke!' sort of CRACK sounds. My brain went OH NO! and I hesitated before picking her up to see the damage.

Not even a scuff.

Lucky? Yes!

Even Kalli was looking back in trepidation of brokenness.

I think I'd go insane if something ridiculous like wind broke a BJD. It's ... basically the reason I've decided not to pursue resin dolls, like, ever. Something stupid happens and their face cracks or their chest and it's not just $22 and some miserable sad feelings, it's several hundred dollars or more. :/ Not for me, although I do love browsing pictures of them on Flickr.
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