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26th-Oct-2011 06:19 pm - Moxie Teenz (Melrose in the snow)
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On a somewhat less bitchy note (re: previous entry), Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I trussed up our Moxie Teenz in winter outfits and took them out to photograph. We live in Colorado so there's usually some snow pretty early, but this is the non-sticking kind so we wanted to hurry up and get some pictures in before it disappeared.

Under here! If you want to go to my Flickr click on the images. )
22nd-Sep-2011 11:27 am - Moxie Teenz, take II
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
Since my last update about Tristen Reilly-Rae I've acquired a Moxie Teenz Melrose. My partner Kalli ([personal profile] softness) picked up Arizona and Bijou. We've got a Moxie Teenz family! I'm looking at Leigh for Christmas, perhaps, but we're pretty tapped out as far as doll funds go. Rikka ([personal profile] rikkadolls) wants a Momoko so I'm going to do that for him for Christmas, probably, along with a new camera because I really think the one I've got is degrading. :/

Anyway, doll news: I picked up a Melrose after a cursory examination to rule out broken limbs, faults with the eyes, etc. It didn't occur to me to stare at her skintone so I honestly had no idea she was on Arizona's body until she was out of her package. I decided I'd be taking her back in the morning and exchanging her for a correct doll (I wasn't mad, just kind of disappointed). A few hours later I picked her up in the shreds of her packaging and, since it was raining, my brain imagined her sitting in Wal*Mart returns and eventually ending up in some bin out in the rain somewhere.

I'm such a sap.

We're all misfits here, so I told Kalli I was going to keep her. She's unique in her .. bad tan job? Kalli, of course, knew (even before I knew!) that I was going to keep her. She read me like an open book, she did. ;) So Melrose stays and she and Reilly have Arizona and Bijou for friends!

Kalli's in a bit of a fix about Arizona's hair. It's lovely, but the curls are somewhat matted and since they're such small ringlets we're both worried it'll frizz all over the place if either of us attempts to brush it (even gently). I used to be the doll hair genius fixer-person when I was younger and actually made money off fixing dolls. A friend's mother paid me $20 to repair all of her daughter's dolls once. I did it and she was really impressed, but it's been over a decade since then and I've forgotten some of the things I used to do (steaming, low boils to set curls). I need some stock Barbies with obscene hair to work on before trying stuff on more expensive dolls.

Here's my Moxie Teenz set on Flickr. I took some pics of Melrose's skintone difference, but thankfully my camera doesn't pick it up. I doubt it'd be noticeable unless someone was intentionally looking for it.
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