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19th-Feb-2013 08:49 pm - New dolls!
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A few new faces have joined my collection. I love them to pieces (not literally but you know). They'll all get opportunities to model things in my Etsy shop, although that's sadly on hold until Jodi's sewing machine is back up and running and mine gets a new pedal.

Onwards to newbies with descriptions! )
12th-May-2012 09:53 am - Doll photos~
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I have three Monster High Lagoona Blue dolls. The first came to me in November of 2011, purchased from Mattel's online store. (You know, back when they actually stocked dolls on there.) In January I noticed sticky-greasy factory glue had started to ruin her hair and I later decided to re-root her. Shortly after her re-root someone posted their MH dolls on the LJ community for $10 plus shipping, so I snatched a Skull Shores Lagoona Blue, and then later that same day I found her in the store so ... bet you can see where that went. :) I'm really happy to have both because their hair is slightly different: one's blonde is darker, and of a slightly different texture. They're both lovely, so now I have three lovely Lagoonas.

Pictures under here! )

All of this brings me to the point I wanted to make. I probably won't be getting another Lagoona because I have three. (Kalli likes the Dead Tired one that comes with the hydration station, but that's different. That one will sit over on her desk once I find her for a reasonable price.) I'm tired of Mattel continuously releasing the same dolls. Right now they have two new lines set for distribution - Roller Maze and Dot Dead Gorgeous. Lagoona's in the Roller Maze line as a brand new doll. I won't be buying that because, people, I have three. If the Roller Maze line was set to come out as a series of fashion packs, hell yeah I'd grab one, or probably the whole set, and do a rollerblading photoshoot with my dolls, but as it is? No. Same goes for Dot Dead Gorgeous and whatever the leaked Fairytale promo shot photos are promising - more dolls. I have dolls. I don't need 10x of the same version of a doll, that's silly.

Also, from a childhood perspective, my mother would've said "but you already have that doll" and wouldn't have bought another, different version notwithstanding. It's silly.
4th-May-2012 01:10 pm - First custom re-root - Lagoona Blue
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I've finally finished my first custom doll thanks to a rather ingenious idea from a friend. (He solved allllllll my problems!)

Lagoona Blue~ )

I re-rooted her with two different shades of yarn. The yarn is called 'Homespun' and feels quite soft. (I hate rough yarns.) The colors in the lighter yarn are a light sea blue/green tone and a faintly blonde tone. In the second shade, the colors are dark blue, purple, and green. These colors blend together nicely. My total work-time was roughly 13 hours, but spread out over several days. Perhaps two or three hours a day. Kalli got me a glass bottle of Pepsi to celebrate. :)

Lagoona isn't for sale, as she's in my personal collection, but after I do a few more dolls and gain experience I might open up an Etsy shop for custom re-rooting services in yarn AND saran hair. My next project, Spectra, will be done in saran hair. I haven't ordered it yet, but I'll get some work-in-progress photos up once I start. I plan to do her in the needle-knot method so her hair will be very secure.
2nd-Apr-2012 10:13 am - Monster High customization
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I have embarked on my very first Major Customization! As some of you know, my 1.0 Lagoona Blue came to me with uneven eyes. I was able to live with it because she's such an adorable little thing, but then her head started leaking factory glue into her hair.

Massive disappoint! I was so sad. Nothing could get it out, not even laundry detergent! So I decided, welp. Lagoona's going to be my first re-root project. I proceeded to cut all of her hair off and tug the remaining fuzz out with tweezers. Tough going! Once I got some 70% of the fuzz out I soaked her head in some really hot water for a little while to soften the remaining glue.

I had no idea how much glue was going to come out of that head. I used tweezers, but in future I think I'll need a wider variety of tools. There is literally a gob of disgusting wax-like glue about the size of a large marble sitting on my desk. It's so nasty, ugh, come on Mattel.

Anyway, that's out so now her head is soaking again and I'm going to try and clear away the remainder of glue residue.


I'll be placing an order for hair!

Pictures once I start rooting and getting the hang of things!
8th-Oct-2011 08:57 pm - A pearly dress for Lagoona
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I found a cute little pearly white blue, light green, and dark blue dress in the Bratz clothes I won on Ebay. At first I overlooked it because it had damages; several of the beaded strands were missing beads (just the thread dangling) and I didn't think it'd be worth fixing.

Lagoona and I haven't got the same eye. ;) She ended up near the dress and I thought, oh hell. Here we go!

So I fixed it up. I took some thick nylon thread, replicated how the beads were sewn to the dress, and fixed up the front by snipping a few strands off the back. That finished, I got Lagoona into it only to think agh, it's still missing something. The top of the dress was a pretty close match to Lagoona's skintone so I decided to pull a few more strands of beads from the back of the dress and make dark blue pearly side-sleeves to create interest up around Lagoona's neck.

Finished! Here she is in her new (and repaired) gown!


(Does anyone know which Bratz doll this dress came on? It's quite cute!)
5th-Oct-2011 09:01 pm - Progress with Lagoona Blue!
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On top of the braids, I made some teeny jewelry for Lagoona because I hated the cheap crap Mattel stuck her with. Titles will appear if you hover your pointer. )

The braids are not permanent. I'm planning to boil-perm her hair and, once it dries, gently take them out so her hair will set in a crimped style. It looked as though her hair was lacking something when I received her and I want to give it a little body. Frankie, my partner's Draculaura, and Cleo all have body to their hair. Poor Lagoona got stuck with limp curls and nasty factory gook (which I washed out)! :( She's going to be a fancy girl, but for now she's a little punk. I'm going to try her out in a few more Bratz outfits when they arrive.

Her pearl jewelry was made out of a single pearl-bead Barbie necklace. I took a thin pin and threaded it, running a double-string through the beads. Originally I'd thought to try and take her head off so she could wear the Barbie necklace but I didn't want to snap the pegs on the inside (she's too adorable to get broken over such foolishness) so then I thought, seriously, this necklace is worth nothing I'll break it and, luck of luck, there were plenty of beads to craft things with! Monster High dolls have such tiny little necks.

I may buy a little bead-pack at Wal*Mart and try my hand and making snazzier jewelry for all the girls. Cleo might like a gold-bead necklace and I'll bet Clawdeen (when I get her!) would love ropes of multicolored beads!
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WIP - but these might hang out for a little while. CERTAINLY didn't take me several hours, oh no. (She and I chilled on the sofa and watched some Munsters and Addams family. It IS October, after all!)

Lagoona - punk girl?

No I was NOT procrastinating on my homework.
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I'm completely in love with my version of Frankie Stein. Every bit of me thought Lagoona would be my favorite but, even though I adore her, Frankie's stunning! Did you know her hair has a blue tint under certain light? It looks radioactive! Kalli ([personal profile] softness) discovered it yesterday.

That said, I have a few things planned for Lagoona that'll probably have me liking her even more very soon! I'm going to make small braids throughout her hair and give her a boil-perm because her hair is a little lackluster right now, mostly because it's full of that stupid factory goo they put in doll hair so it'll keep its shape. I'm going to wash it out and get started on her tonight. She looks good in all the things, by the way. It inspired me to be bad so I went to Ebay for more Bratz clothes. >.> Best way to profit? Go for the lots. The individual outfits are stupidly priced and rarely match.

I finally found something for Cleo to wear! It looks great on her. Pics soon!
3rd-Oct-2011 07:37 pm - Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue
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Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue arrived by way of UPS earlier today! They're adorable, both of them. Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I tried them in a bunch of Bratz clothes and they looked far better in the selection than Cleo and Draculaura did. Hmph! How do the blue and green-skinned girls pull them off better than the 'normal-ish' two? We'll never know~

The only irritating thing about the Bratz clothes is the belly-shirt idea. Bratz have smaller midriffs than Monster High girls so a 'belly shirt' on a Bratz girl looks like a bra on a Monster High girl. :| I'll have to figure out how to make simple undershirts to go under the regular shirts. Apparently that thin shirt beneath regular shirt overlaying jeans look is in? I used to think it looked stupid and preppy but it might look okay on dolls. We'll see, I guess! It shouldn't be ... too ridiculously complicated.

Kalli's got some better pics of all our Monster High girls together than I do at the moment. Head over to her Flickr to see 'em. :)
27th-Sep-2011 06:58 pm - Dolls >.> incoming
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So Mattel had a sale and then I found a discount on retailmenot that pulled 15% off my order. And then there was free shipping! So I got two dolls for the price of just one of them at my local Wal*Mart. >.> Yeah I know, I'm bad. Whatever. I'm 10x in love with the 2011 version of Frankie Stein. I didn't like the original but this one's cute!

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