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12th-Sep-2013 02:25 pm - [Kurhn Catalogue] Holly & Juliet
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Juliet (holiday girl))

As noted in my prior entry regarding Coral, these girls aren't wearing the outfits they originally came in. I've put their defaults on the fashion models beside them. :)

These two girls arrived together. I was rather specifically hunting for a Kurhn doll with brown hair and green eyes. I hadn't started digging around on TaoBao yet, so I figured (at the time) that older dolls were extremely difficult to track down, so it was with no small amount of excitement that I discovered these two on ChinaSprout for $11.99 each. I ordered both and Kalli picked up the $7.50 shipping (ChinaSprout is based out of New York, so if you want to place an order and live in the domestic US, be sure to sort through for the cheapest shipping option in the drop menu).

Juliet came in the red dress and Holly came in the shirt, jacket, and skirt combo. Both outfits are Christmas-themed and nicely made. Both girls came with little white fuzzy purses. I think the one settled across Juliet's dress actually came with Holly, and Juliet's original was the same but had a shorter strap. Both dolls have lovely green eyes and soft brown hair, although they've got their own specific downfalls also.

More pictures + descriptions under here... )
30th-Aug-2013 12:02 pm - [Kurhn Catalogue] Coral
teenythings: (Coral)
A few months ago I wanted to photograph each of my Kurhn dolls with all of their accessories. I tried posing them up in the windowsill but I didn't have clothing props so the clothes were flat, or the doll was left to awkwardly hold them. My idea wasn't panning out in the way I'd wanted, so I abandoned it with no small amount of frustration.

Yesterday changed that, as I suddenly realized Kalli had two clothing prop models from her Pretty Model girls. My abandoned idea came back to life, and here it is (with much help from Kalli in locating all the individual clothing items and accessories). I managed to get pictures of every single one of my Kurhn girls with their items, so this is officially A Thing in its nearly-finished glory! (Proud words for play items scaled at 1/6th, but hey. I'm not the most organized person out there so this is definitely an accomplishment.)

First up - Coral! )
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