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21st-Feb-2015 11:45 am - Sort of here?
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Wow, LiveJournal's really changed since the last time I tried to use it. I'm glad I prefer Dreamwidth overall! It took me ten minutes to figure out how to send messages over there (and now there's a daily limit of like, ten), and another five minutes to figure out how to make a post!

I wonder if the site manages to crash every weekend still. ;)

Anyway, I still do stuff with dolls (still obsessed with Kurhn), spend way too much time on Tumblr, and still live in Maine (ugh).

I've been really into Flight Rising for the past year, so if you're a member on there shoot me a message! I'd love to add you. :)
1st-Jan-2014 10:47 am - 2013 doll wrap-up!
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I've seen a couple people doing this, so here's a 2013 dolly wrap-up! First off, I got really into Kurhn dolls. January was interesting because, although Kalli had placed orders, China was celebrating their New Year so shipments were greatly delayed. I don't think any Kurhn dolls arrived until February! We didn't mind the wait, but we were both anxious about whether or not they'd arrive safely. (Kalli purchases them through AliExpress and occasionally uses a middle-agent to buy from TaoBao. Thanks to shopping on TaoBao I recognize quite a few Chinese characters and can easily convert USD to HKD.) Amusingly, our bank gets all flipped out over these purchases from merchants in China. We regularly get mail alerting us that shops located in China have charged our accounts for amounts varying from a couple dollars to $30 or so. I mentioned it to a teller, once, but it's not something regular bank employees can change (as it's in as a security feature). The retailers in China get paid, of course, but it just means Kalli and I both receive a lot of mail asking "did you authorize this transaction? If not, please respond immediately!" It's a waste of paper and I wish they'd do it by email.

Monster High depressed me for a large portion of 2013. I was really fed up with the glue issue and the on-going problem of finding dolls in stores. It was still next to impossible in the early part of the year to find older Monster High dolls on eBay, much less ones with good eye placement. All of these annoyances built up to me focusing on Kurhn dolls instead (and hoping MH would get their act together). I bought a music festival Abbey in June and.. that was it! (I liked her bangs and she's China without head glue.) A few weeks later Kalli discovered lots of people selling earlier MH dolls on eBay for less than what they'd originally retailed for. That was exciting, but I didn't bite until late November (with Christmas in mind). Kalli and I both ended up getting a couple more dolls - I got a School's Out Lagoona, Mad Science Lagoona, and Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen. Kalli got me a School's Out Cleo, too, and her face is lovely. It took forever to find one with decent eyes. Poor Cleo gets all the wall-eye there is. :/ This one's great, though. Kalli got her an outfit, too, but I want to try and find her something a little better eventually. She seems a bit incomplete at the moment.

Most importantly, perhaps, I reached the conclusion that I'm not determined enough to finish personal re-root projects in a timely fashion. I'm also a bit 'eh' about ordering from Restoredoll and Dollyhair because the site layouts really bother me. It's also hard for me to tell how a color shown in a picture will look on a doll, so it really helps to have samples to work from. Restoredoll doesn't offer samples (as the hair comes in skeins) but Dollyhair does. I've got a couple Dollyhair samples on hand (and my original Howleen's all figured out in that regard). It's much easier for me, overall, to safe up and seek talented re-root artists to do the re-roots which... is exactly what Kalli and I did! We commissioned Kristen for the restoration of my Spectra who's been sitting around without hair for over a year and a half and Kalli's Toralei, who'd been completely ruined by glue saturation.

They're both lovely. Here's Kalli's pic of Toralei:
Toralei's new hair!

And Spectra! (She's the one on the left.)

It seems a bit silly to make doll-related New Year's resolutions, but... I'd love to have a 1/6th Azone Pure Neemo doll someday. I don't think it'll happen this year because I'm building myself a desktop and that's the entirety of my excess financial aid from college. (Trust me, it wasn't much, and it's not technically 'extra.' Sadly. I'm maxing my loans and they'll need to be repaid once I leave school and start working. Woohoo.) I'm building myself a desktop that'll last, though, so this won't be a recurring issue. Maybe 2015 will see a Pure Neemo doll! :D Anyway... Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it brings you everything you're hoping for, even if your hopes are simply peace and comfort. :)
18th-Dec-2013 07:01 pm - For decorating purposes only
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Doll stands for Kurhn dolls........

I need these................................ like right now! ;.; Shame I'd need to order them from TaoBao and they'd take a month to get here, assuming I even managed to get them before the Chinese New Year. If my order flows into that I wouldn't see them until March.
26th-Nov-2013 09:31 pm - Stuff to do
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* Switch my sewing machine with my mother's (yes she's approved this plan)

* Clear off the lightbox table

* Cut backgrounds from the retired wallpaper catalogs

* Dig out all the Japanese sewing patterns and continue figuring out how to make them work

* Work with non-stretch fabrics (barring items such as leggings/socks/etc)

* Make things for Monster High dolls

* Make things for Kurhn dolls

I guess I've got my work cut out for me! I want to revive Kittyden because looking at Etsy just makes me think I could make better. What's more, I want to, but I'm such a scattered nutbox. x.x It'll give me something to bookend college with once I'm able to register for classes.
25th-Nov-2013 10:18 am - Holidays and potential re-rooting
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I've been really quiet about dolls lately. Life's been eating up all my time, Alisha's dog-rehoming project didn't work out, enrolling in a new college has been slow going, and I feel like I'm out of the house more than I'm in it. x.x (I'm sure the latter is an exaggeration, but it certainly feels that way!)

Winter holidays are coming up, though! I'm going to try and get all of the Kurhn into winter-themed outfits today (with Kalli) and maybe some of the Monster High also. It's been a good ten degrees below freezing for a couple days now, so they're certainly due some warmer outfits.

I'd really love to be able to commission Kristen for at least one re-rooting service with potential holiday giftcash, assuming I'll have enough. She does really lovely re-roots and I've fallen in love with this one of Catrine with black hair. Her lips struck me as a bit dark, originally, but I wasn't sure what would improve matters. Now that I've seen that, well... I'm sold. :) I bet she'd look great in a wider variety of outfits after such a re-root, and she's Indonesia-made so glue's been slowly wreaking her hair since I got her. I haven't examined her lately, but I suspect she's become a glueball. I think I'll de-hair and de-glue her prior to any re-rooting just to save on frustration.

(If I have enough, I'd like to have Spectra done in the saran I've got sitting on hand. She's been waiting forever, poor thing. I keep thinking I need to learn how to do it, but I don't want to start off with her and potentially fudge up all her nice hair. One of the colors was a limited edition and I don't know if it's still in stock.)
6th-Oct-2013 10:23 am - Kiki's party dress
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Kiki's party dress

Here's Kiki in that white dress I was talking about. (I've had a weird thing about putting my dolls in white lately.) Anyone who watched campy television in the 90's will probably recognize this dress: it's from a Hasbro Sabrina: the Teenage Witch doll. I picked it (and Kalli agreed, and got it as a gift for Kiki) because it has a somewhat ethereal witchy-feel, but it's also light and fluffy and totally Kiki.

I love this dress for several reasons, the first of which being it's two pieces instead of one. The sheer gauzy part with its swirly sparkles is separate the slip underneath. The slip actually works as a dress on its own (but looks better with the sheer portion over it). I modified the slip with straps because it was a little big and didn't want to stay up. I took in the sides a little, too, and since it had older (and extremely rough) velcro I decided that needed to go completely. It has two snaps at the back, now, which cinch the dress to create a better fit. These minor modifications were all very easy to make and probably took.. eh, fifteen minutes or so.

Messing around with Sabrina items resulted in a hike down memory lane. I found the live-action movie on YouTube and roped Kalli into watching it with me. (She liked it!) If you're curious, that can be found [here]. I used to watch this movie with a friend I had in elementary school. It was one of her mum's favorite things to watch, and she used to ask us morality questions about things that went on throughout. (It was ascertained that my friend and I were both completely bankrupt in that department.)

It's all hilariously campy, and Kiki's dress isn't modeled after the one in the movie so much as a different one Sabrina occasionally wears in the television series, but well... it reminds me of my morally-bankrupt friend and her mum who passed away a few years ago. I miss them both. I think my friend's pursuing a bachelor's at some university in Mass. and doing well at that, so I'm happy for her. We're both (most likely) still morally-bankrupt individuals but hey, aint no crime if ya don't get caught (right? right?) ;)
24th-Sep-2013 10:18 pm - I'm making a Kiki custom!
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Kiki - WIP

She's still a WIP, and I haven't figured out how I want Jiji to look yet. Anyway, here she is! :D
12th-Sep-2013 02:25 pm - [Kurhn Catalogue] Holly & Juliet
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As noted in my prior entry regarding Coral, these girls aren't wearing the outfits they originally came in. I've put their defaults on the fashion models beside them. :)

These two girls arrived together. I was rather specifically hunting for a Kurhn doll with brown hair and green eyes. I hadn't started digging around on TaoBao yet, so I figured (at the time) that older dolls were extremely difficult to track down, so it was with no small amount of excitement that I discovered these two on ChinaSprout for $11.99 each. I ordered both and Kalli picked up the $7.50 shipping (ChinaSprout is based out of New York, so if you want to place an order and live in the domestic US, be sure to sort through for the cheapest shipping option in the drop menu).

Juliet came in the red dress and Holly came in the shirt, jacket, and skirt combo. Both outfits are Christmas-themed and nicely made. Both girls came with little white fuzzy purses. I think the one settled across Juliet's dress actually came with Holly, and Juliet's original was the same but had a shorter strap. Both dolls have lovely green eyes and soft brown hair, although they've got their own specific downfalls also.

More pictures + descriptions under here... )
30th-Aug-2013 12:02 pm - [Kurhn Catalogue] Coral
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A few months ago I wanted to photograph each of my Kurhn dolls with all of their accessories. I tried posing them up in the windowsill but I didn't have clothing props so the clothes were flat, or the doll was left to awkwardly hold them. My idea wasn't panning out in the way I'd wanted, so I abandoned it with no small amount of frustration.

Yesterday changed that, as I suddenly realized Kalli had two clothing prop models from her Pretty Model girls. My abandoned idea came back to life, and here it is (with much help from Kalli in locating all the individual clothing items and accessories). I managed to get pictures of every single one of my Kurhn girls with their items, so this is officially A Thing in its nearly-finished glory! (Proud words for play items scaled at 1/6th, but hey. I'm not the most organized person out there so this is definitely an accomplishment.)

First up - Coral! )
24th-Aug-2013 08:16 pm - Hey look! Dolls!
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Poses and pretty stuff under here... )
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