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26th-Nov-2013 09:31 pm - Stuff to do
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* Switch my sewing machine with my mother's (yes she's approved this plan)

* Clear off the lightbox table

* Cut backgrounds from the retired wallpaper catalogs

* Dig out all the Japanese sewing patterns and continue figuring out how to make them work

* Work with non-stretch fabrics (barring items such as leggings/socks/etc)

* Make things for Monster High dolls

* Make things for Kurhn dolls

I guess I've got my work cut out for me! I want to revive Kittyden because looking at Etsy just makes me think I could make better. What's more, I want to, but I'm such a scattered nutbox. x.x It'll give me something to bookend college with once I'm able to register for classes.
29th-Jun-2013 01:30 pm - Dolls and job prospects
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I bought myself some Kurhn dolls I've wanted since Christmas. I'm full of irresponsible, apparently, but I've decided I'm not going to feel guilty about it (just this once).

Besides that, I need to get my act together and sell some things. Jodi's coming back on the 3rd and we're going to try and get some things into Kittyden because we've gotten severely behind.

I'm back on the job-hunt, also, but I've got a better idea of what to look for. Retail's definitely not my thing. I can't deal with that level of customer rudeness on a daily basis. I miss working full-time at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, even if my main duty was handling the office phones and posting out info brochures. It paid considerably more than Renys ('cause what is $8 an hour, seriously, ugh, with the 'just under full-time' they were keeping me at I would've maintained my eligibility for food stamps). I want a job that'll bump me up over the bracket of relying on state benefits!
17th-Jun-2013 11:21 am - Dead end roads?
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I got that job I (think) I mentioned here - if not, I definitely mentioned it at [personal profile] thisonething. It's good, but it's eating up my life. Today's my first day off and I've got laundry and cleaning to do. x.x It's decent work, for retail. My co-workers are friendly (or civil, at bare minimum). The managers are good people and that helps regardless of the workplace.

Flickr's still ugly, slow, and throws bugs at me right and left. I've stopped reporting them because 'aint nobody got time.' I don't know where to host my pictures at, these days. Where should I go when I finally get the camera I like? I liked Flickr but they're pandering to another user demographic. :/ I'll never be amongst the iPhone nutters.

Kittyden's on hold (although everything present in the shop is bagged and ready to ship if someone places an order). Jodi's going to be traveling and work's eaten up my time and energy. Once I get the swing of things and, hopefully, have energy after my shifts I'd like to get back to making things but... for now, stuff's pretty dead.
23rd-May-2013 09:26 pm - Current state of affairs
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I'm starting up a few Kittyden projects again. :) The shop's been on unofficial hiatus because I was trying to sort out computer issues. I still haven't resolved the issues, but Kalli ordered a new keyboard for my laptop and that's solved my busted spacebar problem. The replacement keyboard was $13, if you can believe it. I wish I'd known; I would've replaced it ages ago!

I tried ordering a refurbished desktop from BestBuy's refurb marketplace. Listed specs included the tower, screen, keyboard, and mouse. Internal hardware specs included a 1 terabyte HD, a Core 2 processor, and 8gb of RAM. I received a doorstop with no visible graphics card, a single 1gb RAM chip, and there's no telling if the HD's sound because it doesn't boot up. Ordinarily I'd be stressed but really, I'm just amused. They're sending out a replacement but I won't get my hopes up. If it's a piece of crud like what I've got I'm sending it all back and getting a refund.

It'll be far more fun to build my own. I've got a fairly solid idea of what I want to do. It'll be a little more expensive than the refurb marketplaces and inevitably take longer (as I'll be ordering it piece by piece, funds permitting) but I've got this. ;)

Besides all of the above, I've revamped my original journal here on DW. All of my doll exploits will still take place here, but if you'd like to read about other things (fanfiction, books, my girlfriend and I, our pets) it'll be at [personal profile] thisonething.
10th-May-2013 11:08 am - Kittyden improvements
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Things I've done for the shop:
* Purchased smaller mailing packets! I can't even explain how badly this needed to happen.
* Picked up a white science fair poster-board for creating a new lightbox. (Cats destroyed the first one and it was too small for our purposes anyway.)
* Organized fabrics and supplies into two rolling toolboxes. Steve donated the toolboxes, Alisha and Kalli varnished them, and Alisha put the wheels on. (I'll get some pictures of this arrangement soon.)

Sewing's taken a temporary hiatus over the past few days because Jodi's been getting her pysanky eggs ready to feature in the Bridgton gallery. She'll have her booth for presenting them throughout today and tomorrow. :D
4th-May-2013 10:58 am - Projects (in progress)
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I'm cutting more leggings for the Moxie Teenz today. I've got the silver and gold lycra to work with (for now) but I suspect I've found the jackpot of these fabrics. I can't wait to place an order, but Jodi and I really ought to do some bookkeeping first. (I want to add purple, pink, blue, turquoise, all these gorgeous colors to our inventory!)

We're still working on the kimonos and I need to cut a few more from the cotton print.

Shirts and skirts are still on the table, along with non-stretch pants and newsie shorts (think Draculaura's newspaper fashion pack). They've been cut; we just haven't started sewing them yet. As much as they irked me a few months ago, leggings are what keep Kittyden in business, so we've been doing a lot of leggings. I like them, of course, but I think I was hoping to progress into other things with leggings as a sort of 'stepping stone' which probably isn't the case. They're the breadwinners, regardless of how much I want to do other things.

*rolls around*

(In short: leggings fund creativity in other areas.)

Right, off to the cutting board.
26th-Apr-2013 05:08 pm - Leggings are back!
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I've returned leggings to Kittyden. Stay tuned, more stuff coming! :)
24th-Apr-2013 12:52 pm - Bring out your dead... cuttings?
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I confuse myself on a fairly regular basis. Amidst some cleaning and organizing I found a bunch of stuff I cut out to work on for Kittyden .... but it's really anyone's best guess when! I can't remember when I cut that stuff and you'd think I would. :/ They've been added to the stack of 'presently working on' to make their way into the shop.

Besides finding random bits and pieces, I've assembled the models. Leggings are soon to return to the shop, as well as some new stuff. Brocade kimonos might be up by Saturday (hoping for at least one) as well as some skirts. Blouses and such are trickier, but they'll be getting a debut eventually!

Is it obvious I've been medicated? Beware my productivity!
23rd-Apr-2013 11:56 am - Kittyden hiatus - nearly over!
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Jodi, Kalli and I will have some new stuff up in Kittyden very soon! My impromptu hiatus lasted a bit longer than I'd originally planned, but we've been working on stuff and I've found my overall productivity spiking back now that I've got meds again. ADHD was really kicking my butt, no lie!
18th-Apr-2013 11:43 am - Kittyden Creations
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I made a Tumblr for Kittyden inventory updates. I'm sure the followers of my normal Tumblr are tired of seeing me go on and on about doll crafts. @-@
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