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12th-Nov-2011 11:32 am - Kitty stuff
teenythings: (Your smile)
Oh look! A non-doll entry in a doll journal!

I have two cats and my partner also has two cats. Since we live together, that makes four in the same apartment. I've got a couple cat recc's for other kitty owners (or people owned by kitties). ;)

If you live in an apartment these items might just save your life.

Corner Litter Box - space is hard to come by, but this might allow for some.

Mega Rectangular Litter Box - if you've got tall cats (like my partner) this may help keep things clean(er) in your living space.

Laser Chaser Pens - all four of our cats love these. I've bought 10+ laser pens in my time and this brand in this style have the longest life. They also have the brightest light! Careful not to actually get your kitty in the eye though. By bright, I mean really freaking bright.

That said, I've got albums for my kitties on Flickr if you'd like to see the cute.
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