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6th-Oct-2013 10:23 am - Kiki's party dress
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Little sprite)
Kiki's party dress

Here's Kiki in that white dress I was talking about. (I've had a weird thing about putting my dolls in white lately.) Anyone who watched campy television in the 90's will probably recognize this dress: it's from a Hasbro Sabrina: the Teenage Witch doll. I picked it (and Kalli agreed, and got it as a gift for Kiki) because it has a somewhat ethereal witchy-feel, but it's also light and fluffy and totally Kiki.

I love this dress for several reasons, the first of which being it's two pieces instead of one. The sheer gauzy part with its swirly sparkles is separate the slip underneath. The slip actually works as a dress on its own (but looks better with the sheer portion over it). I modified the slip with straps because it was a little big and didn't want to stay up. I took in the sides a little, too, and since it had older (and extremely rough) velcro I decided that needed to go completely. It has two snaps at the back, now, which cinch the dress to create a better fit. These minor modifications were all very easy to make and probably took.. eh, fifteen minutes or so.

Messing around with Sabrina items resulted in a hike down memory lane. I found the live-action movie on YouTube and roped Kalli into watching it with me. (She liked it!) If you're curious, that can be found [here]. I used to watch this movie with a friend I had in elementary school. It was one of her mum's favorite things to watch, and she used to ask us morality questions about things that went on throughout. (It was ascertained that my friend and I were both completely bankrupt in that department.)

It's all hilariously campy, and Kiki's dress isn't modeled after the one in the movie so much as a different one Sabrina occasionally wears in the television series, but well... it reminds me of my morally-bankrupt friend and her mum who passed away a few years ago. I miss them both. I think my friend's pursuing a bachelor's at some university in Mass. and doing well at that, so I'm happy for her. We're both (most likely) still morally-bankrupt individuals but hey, aint no crime if ya don't get caught (right? right?) ;)
24th-Sep-2013 10:18 pm - I'm making a Kiki custom!
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Kiki - WIP

She's still a WIP, and I haven't figured out how I want Jiji to look yet. Anyway, here she is! :D
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