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14th-Sep-2013 07:23 pm - Rosetta came home + customizations
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Darcy's trouble)
I'm a sucker. I got Rosetta while I was out at Walmart with Alisha earlier today. She was $11.99, where could I go wrong? ;) Kalli has their fashion packs on the way too; life's going to be nothing but fairy fun.

Under here! )

Besides fairies, I've been trying to work through a rather gigantic backlog of projects. I dug out my Esmeralda doll Kalli got me as a gift several years ago. She arrived with rather frizzed-out hair so I did a light boil-perm in an effort to relax it. This worked, but obviously left her with rather straight hair instead of the bushy waves she's got in the movie. I've been meaning to re-do her waves for years so...

...tonight was the night! )

I hope this works! I've had spotty success with boil-perms over the years. I'm rather suspicious that the altitude in Colorado Springs threw off some of my experiments, but quite a few 'errors' were definitely my fault. I've yet to melt anyone, but I did manage to give my witch CAM ringlets not unlike Shirley Temple .......... x.x (The look didn't suit her.) That's her wig beside Esmeralda, actually. I'm giving that one another go with larger curlers. I wanted big whorls, not ringlets.

Pictures tomorrow if all goes well! If my experiments fail, well.... back to the pot they'll go, I expect.

Esmeralda rather sadly has an old clacky 90's body. I keep forgetting to take her with me when I go places, but next time I'm out at shops that stock jointed Fashionistas I'm hoping to find a skintone match. They'll be getting switched, 'cause I love Esmeralda and it'd be great if she fit a wider variety of clothing. I'll miss the flat feet (for her personally) but, well, joints and clothes trump feet.
12th-Sep-2013 02:06 pm - Jakks Pixies
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Little sprite)
Up until a few days ago I didn't think I'd be interested in any of the Disney Fairies. Disney and Jakks Pacific have been making them for ages but the lack of joints (and therefore limited poseability) turned me off from bringing any of them home. Quite a few of them had adorable faces, though! I remember seeing Spike back in Colorado Springs and thinking "if only they had joints..." 'cause she was a cutie, but well ... now Jakks is doing joints! These guys are wonderful, although I've been finding their wings to be rather flimsy. Poor Silvermist's wings have scratches down one side from being packaged. I felt the rough edging when I was deboxing her, but it's hardly noticeable in photos.

Pictured above: Tinkerbell, Silvermist, and Periwinkle (Tink's frost fairy twin). I've seen The Secret of the Wings and much more recently The Great Fairy Rescue so it's cute, having these girls hanging around. I might eventually get Rosetta too, but these girls came first because Kalli's been wanting a Tink and Peri set for ages (and those two were for her) and I've always found Silvermist to be adorable (and smart/resourceful) in the movies.

Jakks Pixies

(Planning on playing around with some of these girls and their outfits in a bit!)
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