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8th-Dec-2013 04:21 pm - Randomly on Tumblr
teenythings: (Coral)
So people are using an image of mine to spread the word about baby powder. They're... obviously not aware that this only temporarily fixes the problem, but I suppose it's easy because baby powder's cheap and widely available. Amazes me that people are willing to overlook crappy manufacturing techniques if they find what they perceive as a quick-fix solution. :/

I'd prefer they didn't use my photo for it, but at least they linked back to its source.

For everyone with more than an ounce of braincells to spare: this method doesn't work. The only true fix is to completely remove the glue from inside the doll's scalp and replace the hair. A nice solution to the problem on a much larger scale would be for Mattel to stop using the glue entirely, or at least use something that doesn't break down into a greasy tacky mess. As is, people don't usually have the money for the former and the latter seems unlikely.

Mattel isn't listening. They don't care about the quality of their merchandise. As long as people continue to buy it, and people are indeed buying Monster High dolls (and Barbies and Disney Princesses), Mattel has nothing to worry about.

The only way I can foresee the 'glue problem' permanently going away would be somehow managing to prove that the stuff is actually toxic/potentially harmful to children. There's no case, otherwise, because it certainly looks like consumers are happy to douse their dolls with baby powder and ignore the larger problem at hand.
17th-Nov-2012 03:53 pm - Scaris disappointment
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I found some of the Scaris dolls at my semi-local Justice today. At first I was excited until a closer inspection revealed every single doll had wonk-eye (one of the Rochelles was actually missing half her eye) and they were all Indonesia-made. :( The second Rochelle was extremely thinly haired on one side of her head, as in I could see most of her scalp paint, and Jinafire’s left eye was longer than her right and dipping down her cheek. Frankie was the nicest of the bunch, but I wasn’t there for Frankie. I’d hoped to walk away with a Rochelle or Jinafire, or maybe even a Clawdeen but the Clawdeens and Skelitas were gone. :( Oh well, saves funds for getting pink-haired Howleens!
17th-Nov-2012 10:22 am - Let's inspire some change
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I've finally decided it's time to look into gathering some signatures and letting Mattel know that people are unhappy about the glue issue, and not only are they unhappy but they're not alone. If you've had your dolls ruined by glue, become sticky, or even lose their hair in clumps from this problem - sign! Let others know they're not alone and let Mattel know their customers are unhappy with these shoddy manufacturing practices!

Mattel: Stop using glue in the manufacturing of dolls!
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