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9th-Jun-2012 12:17 pm - Muckery
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Right so I screwed up the current doll project (derp) but the idea remains. I'm going to try it on a different doll because she'll probably wear it better. I'd originally set out to use a Ghoulia but Cleo? She'll be fantastic.

Stay tuned~
8th-Jun-2012 07:26 pm - New project: officially begun!
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I've finally started on Ghoulia! It took me ages to reach a mental compromise over whether or not to use beads or yarn and my conclusion: both, as if that's a surprise. :p Results in a couple days! Here's the first bit underway though; it took about an hour and a half to completely rid her of hair and glue.

Unless I become ridiculously attached (or screw this up somehow), she's likely going to be available to buy. :)

New project!

Image shows dark blue and light blue tufts of hair intermixed with yellowish earwax-looking glue. The glue has made the hair sticky and clumpy.

In other news... )
1st-Jun-2012 06:00 pm - The Draculaura Project (minimal)
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I'm looking forward to finishing up a couple things. I have two lovely (and extremely patient!) people holding items for me - Draculaura's newsie outfit, Cleo's outfit, and some Draculaura Gloom Beach hands and forearms. I'm going to try switching the Gloom Beach items with the stock on Kalli's Forbitten Love Draculaura because she has oddly ingrained spots in her arms. They're absent from her elbows up, so an arm switch would be a complete fix.

Pictures of the doll in question... )

Her face is just too cute! I couldn't say no; she needs a fix. I have a feeling she'll end up in the newsie outfit over the other two. I still want to put Skull Shores Draculaura in some kind of Japanese street fashion (stripey socks and all). I think she'd look great.

[Image description: there are four images of the same doll. Draculaura has pink-toned skin and black hair with pink streaks. On this doll, her hair is in two side ponytails and she has bangs. Her face is somewhat heart-shaped and, coupled with her lavender-colored eyes, she has a super-cute expression. She's not wearing anything, but it's only because her fashion pack hasn't arrived yet and to display the factory errors on her arms which look like deep-set ink dots in a faintly symmetrical pattern. They're dark blue and detract from the overall look of the doll, hence the arm replacements I'm planning to buy tomorrow. In the last image, her head is tilted to the side. It's poisonously adorable.]

Besides Draculaura's items, I'm planning to pick up some yarn thread at Wal*Mart and see if any of it is nice enough/thin enough to root a Ghoulia with. My original idea of beads seems to be a flop, or maybe just something I'm not patient enough to try yet. (I may give it another go after I move, since the move is dominating most of my thoughts and detracting from hobbies and ... well, everything, so once it's out of the way and I've done all the other countless things I'll need to do once I'm back, I may pick it up again.)

OH AND MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAVE THREE CATS AGAIN. I'm still trying to mentally prepare myself for the conversation I'll need to undertake with my mother about this development. /crawls under the rug
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I had news! My new camera is on its way and should be arriving on the 19th or 20th! Eeee, I can't wait. I'm completely disenchanted with my current camera (having exhausted its capabilities) and can't wait to try my hand at a new one with upgraded functions.

All you reader-types can expect an influx of doll, pet, and holiday pictures! My girlfriend and I are having a guest over for Christmas so I'll definitely be taking pictures of All The Things, as it were. ;) Eee camera camera camera~

My Christmas shopping included books and more books this year. My girlfriend gifted me with Spectra and Skull Shores Ghoulia, the latter having turned up at our local Wal*Mart. I didn't care for her swimsuit so she's been redressed in some ex-Bratz outfits and looks sassy indeed. I love her curly hair!

Kalli picked up Torelai and Skull Shores Abbey, also discovered at our previously unstocked Wal*Mart. I told her Torelai was the hype of the season, right up there with the original Abbey (still very HTF). We're hoping Abbey will show up on Amazon for under $20 next month, a la all good things come to those who wait.

I conquered the evils of Craigslist in order to get a futon frame and mattress. My efforts paid off with an excellent frame and a serviceable mattress; it's basically your standard sort of futon padding. I think it's really comfortable, but it's a little too big for the frame and might work out better as a bed if it's put on the floor. In the meantime it makes a very comfortable nest-sofa that Kalli really likes. We put cushions and small fleece blankets all over it.

Apologies about all the dust that's been collecting on this journal. It'll probably see a resurgence of updates very soon, pending new camera and all. :)

Bonus picture of the futon!

Image shows a light-colored wooden frame with a black futon mattress. It's resting in the 'bed' position with an autumn-themed fleecy blanket and cushion. Three cats are on it - two ginger kitties and one pure black kitty. The ginger kitties belong to Kalli and are named Sunfire and Phoenix. The black kitty is Piper.
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