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23rd-May-2013 09:26 pm - Current state of affairs
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I'm starting up a few Kittyden projects again. :) The shop's been on unofficial hiatus because I was trying to sort out computer issues. I still haven't resolved the issues, but Kalli ordered a new keyboard for my laptop and that's solved my busted spacebar problem. The replacement keyboard was $13, if you can believe it. I wish I'd known; I would've replaced it ages ago!

I tried ordering a refurbished desktop from BestBuy's refurb marketplace. Listed specs included the tower, screen, keyboard, and mouse. Internal hardware specs included a 1 terabyte HD, a Core 2 processor, and 8gb of RAM. I received a doorstop with no visible graphics card, a single 1gb RAM chip, and there's no telling if the HD's sound because it doesn't boot up. Ordinarily I'd be stressed but really, I'm just amused. They're sending out a replacement but I won't get my hopes up. If it's a piece of crud like what I've got I'm sending it all back and getting a refund.

It'll be far more fun to build my own. I've got a fairly solid idea of what I want to do. It'll be a little more expensive than the refurb marketplaces and inevitably take longer (as I'll be ordering it piece by piece, funds permitting) but I've got this. ;)

Besides all of the above, I've revamped my original journal here on DW. All of my doll exploits will still take place here, but if you'd like to read about other things (fanfiction, books, my girlfriend and I, our pets) it'll be at [personal profile] thisonething.
28th-Oct-2011 08:14 pm - Slightly geeky entry
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I've changed my Flickr account (and hopefully repaired all the broken links in this journal)! It's now READYTOSAIL which, if you ask me, is an awesome name. :) It's not entirely doll stuff now; there's kitty pics and food pics in there.

My little Canon Elph is under quite a bit of strain. I've maxed out its abilities and it really can't handle indoor photos unless I get in real close, steady it against something, lower the exposure, zoom, and set the macro. I'm eager to play around with something new, something better, and mentioned this to my mother.

She likes gadgets. :) She's getting me this for Christmas. I'm going to mail the Canon Elph back to her because it does some really nice outdoor shots and the macro's excellent for flowers in the sunlight.

I'm not really into cameras for their ability to photograph flowers. I want to photograph dolls, animals, and architecture.

Pining for that optical zoom!

Next entry: Halloween photos!
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