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2nd-Mar-2013 07:52 am - Shop news, personal whining + goals
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I'm not actually going to have much of a presence in today's Kittyden updates. I was working on a couple things yesterday but none of them turned out quite right (waste of fabric, back to the drawing board with some patterns). It's not a total loss but they're just not coming out the way I want.

Perfectionism's often a hindrance so I suppose I'm not trying for that, exactly, but I'm definitely fussy. Some of the stuff I've been fiddling with hasn't been meeting my personal standards of sturdiness or appearance.

One point in my favor: I've discovered a method of reinforcing the threadwork on blouses (etc) that won't be visible when the pieces are done. Extra sturdiness! Besides that, I'm considering linings on the insides of bodices (especially fitted ones; darts aren't the most attractive things). Sturdiness, practicality, and lovely appearance!

Right then. More stuff for Kittyden, but mostly items crafted by Jodi. I'm going to start listing up some custom dolls but they'll be pricier - I never thought they'd take so much TIME. Effort's one thing, I don't mind putting appropriate effort in, but days and days and argh. Profits from the customs will go toward a new laptop because mine's on its last legs. The usb ports fried out and can't be replaced and the keyboard's degrading. I have to really whack my space key right in the center in order to type coherently. IfIdon'tdo itjust right itlookslike thiswithoutfail. :|

I'm also in serious need of a camera upgrade. I've been wanting a nice one since early 2011 but stalling because of money (either lack of or not wanting to spend that much at once).

Laptop first, then camera. No new dolls (except maybe the two swimsuit Venus dolls) until these priorities are met. :|
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