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1st-Dec-2012 03:49 pm - Holiday shopping
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
Kalli and I went out with Alisha to do some Christmas shopping. I think we were all hoping to find some Monster High but Justice only had Roller Maze and a few slim-boxed Scaris dolls (Draculaura, Ghoulia). I think I'll be leaving that line well enough alone; they're all Indonesia-made and and I'm still extremely disheartened about the glue issue. It destroyed three my favorite ghouls! :/ Alisha had the incredible luck of coming across two Dance Class Howleens a little over a week ago so that's one two good things! (They're China-made and slim-box so really shouldn't have glue inside their heads.)

I picked up Christmas cards to send out to friends and family. Kalli and I poked around in the Native American shop (looooovely dreamcatchers, very inspiring) and Books a Million, which didn't have MH because they're a tiny outlet. I didn't think they would, but they had an absolutely adorable owl bookmark. Owls! *-*

One of the employees at Justice really ticked me off. She asked "who's the little girl you're shopping for?" which was polite enough, I guess, so I cheerfully said "oh no, this would definitely be for me" and her face instantly soured. Feeling somewhat rebuffed, I went back to browsing the scarves and heard her say "you must like glitter" in a disapproving voice so I said "I love glitter!" with the hope that my (by then) false cheer would get her to leave me alone, but she kept standing around watching my girlfriend and I shop. It was really weird; we weren't dressed suspiciously and definitely lacked the necessary bagginess to pocket anything. I couldn't help feeling judged for being a customer in a 'girly store' even though I'm obviously female and so were the people shopping with me. :/

The roads were dusty with snow all the way to North Conway NH and back to Lovell. It's really starting to look and feel like the holidays around here. I refuse to let one nosy employee ruin the rest of my day!
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