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It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way
1st-Dec-2013 04:51 pm - Further stuff
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Juliet (holiday girl))
First day of December...

I gave Frankie a new hairstyle. :)
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
I'm completely in love with my version of Frankie Stein. Every bit of me thought Lagoona would be my favorite but, even though I adore her, Frankie's stunning! Did you know her hair has a blue tint under certain light? It looks radioactive! Kalli ([personal profile] softness) discovered it yesterday.

That said, I have a few things planned for Lagoona that'll probably have me liking her even more very soon! I'm going to make small braids throughout her hair and give her a boil-perm because her hair is a little lackluster right now, mostly because it's full of that stupid factory goo they put in doll hair so it'll keep its shape. I'm going to wash it out and get started on her tonight. She looks good in all the things, by the way. It inspired me to be bad so I went to Ebay for more Bratz clothes. >.> Best way to profit? Go for the lots. The individual outfits are stupidly priced and rarely match.

I finally found something for Cleo to wear! It looks great on her. Pics soon!
3rd-Oct-2011 07:37 pm - Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue
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Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue arrived by way of UPS earlier today! They're adorable, both of them. Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I tried them in a bunch of Bratz clothes and they looked far better in the selection than Cleo and Draculaura did. Hmph! How do the blue and green-skinned girls pull them off better than the 'normal-ish' two? We'll never know~

The only irritating thing about the Bratz clothes is the belly-shirt idea. Bratz have smaller midriffs than Monster High girls so a 'belly shirt' on a Bratz girl looks like a bra on a Monster High girl. :| I'll have to figure out how to make simple undershirts to go under the regular shirts. Apparently that thin shirt beneath regular shirt overlaying jeans look is in? I used to think it looked stupid and preppy but it might look okay on dolls. We'll see, I guess! It shouldn't be ... too ridiculously complicated.

Kalli's got some better pics of all our Monster High girls together than I do at the moment. Head over to her Flickr to see 'em. :)
27th-Sep-2011 06:58 pm - Dolls >.> incoming
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So Mattel had a sale and then I found a discount on retailmenot that pulled 15% off my order. And then there was free shipping! So I got two dolls for the price of just one of them at my local Wal*Mart. >.> Yeah I know, I'm bad. Whatever. I'm 10x in love with the 2011 version of Frankie Stein. I didn't like the original but this one's cute!

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