Sitting across the bar, staring right at her prey
It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way
6th-Aug-2013 04:02 pm - Day & Night Angels
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"Fiddling around with the settings on Kalli's camera. I'm hoping to get the same one so I've been familiarizing myself with her model. Featured: Kurhn Day & Night Angels, Anise and Darla."

I'm not entirely sure why, but lately I've stopped doing most of the doll-related stuff I used to occupy myself with. I haven't lost interest, as I still squee about them and enjoy shopping for new outfits to try with various girls (and easily spend hours doing exactly that with Kalli). My photography's been suffering though. I need to sell the little Canon Elph because it's just not capable of what I'd like, but saving up for a good camera is.... nnnnnrgh. Kalli's been letting me use her camera in the meantime.

Kurhn dolls are my new obsession. I still love Monster High but they just have so many flaws and I hate coming across ones I like only to see made in Indonesia printed on the bottom of the box. Ghoul's Night Out Spectra's lovely with her dark purple hair but I can't justify putting money toward defective merchandise. Kurhn dolls, on the other hand, have no glue whatsoever and fit an extremely varied amount of clothing. Teen Skipper fashions from the 1990's fit as well as some Monster High, Bratzillas, and even the present-day Skipper clothes are compatible. They don't have any notable design flaws, although I do prefer the jointed bodies over the non-jointed for posing and picture-taking.

Now if only I took more pictures, eh?

I still don't like Flickr, either, but it's not quite as buggy as it was during the initial switch-over. Management seems to be getting things cleared up and mostly accessible again.
3rd-Jul-2013 12:33 pm - Image hosting sites
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Photobucket's a heap of constantly-updating-itself rubbish. I've got two different computers that can't select direct links on there.

Flickr's gone and made itself slow, buggy, and looks asinine to boot. It eats my uploads every one out of three attempts.

Ipernity's weird.

DeviantArt's slow and has too many steps prior to images being uploaded. Once they're uploaded the linking process is a pain in the ass. (Have you tried, lately? Go try it. Seriously.)

...I guess I'll poke around with Ipernity a little more.
17th-Jun-2013 11:21 am - Dead end roads?
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I got that job I (think) I mentioned here - if not, I definitely mentioned it at [personal profile] thisonething. It's good, but it's eating up my life. Today's my first day off and I've got laundry and cleaning to do. x.x It's decent work, for retail. My co-workers are friendly (or civil, at bare minimum). The managers are good people and that helps regardless of the workplace.

Flickr's still ugly, slow, and throws bugs at me right and left. I've stopped reporting them because 'aint nobody got time.' I don't know where to host my pictures at, these days. Where should I go when I finally get the camera I like? I liked Flickr but they're pandering to another user demographic. :/ I'll never be amongst the iPhone nutters.

Kittyden's on hold (although everything present in the shop is bagged and ready to ship if someone places an order). Jodi's going to be traveling and work's eaten up my time and energy. Once I get the swing of things and, hopefully, have energy after my shifts I'd like to get back to making things but... for now, stuff's pretty dead.
22nd-May-2013 08:24 pm - Ugh, change
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Flickr's gone and made itself all ugly and difficult to navigate. x.x I cancelled my pro subscription and downgraded to 'free' with pro-rated refund pending. Photobucket's irritating on an entirely different level, though, so I'm somewhat at a loss for where I'm going to keep my pictures. I really liked the original Flickr. :( If they add a 'use old style' button I'll stick with it but if not, I guess I'll be on the market for a new place to store and share my photos!
13th-Apr-2013 09:34 pm - Flickr hassle
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I want to change the name of my Flickr account, but apparently this is a Problematic Thing. It's tied to my readytosail name which... honestly, why did I even make that name, it's dumb. :| I tried to make a new Flickr (and therefore Yahoo! account) to enable a switchover, which Flickr assured me was possible, but now I can't access either one.

Fuuuuu. x.x

The optimistic view would be hanging out until tomorrow or whenever, maybe Flickr's servers need to catch up. Somewhat more realistically is the fact that I've probably gone and screwed everything up. x.x It'd be one thing if I just wanted to delete the account and make another with a name I prefer, but my current one has gifted pro time from my girlfriend (through October!) so I want to keep that, as well as all the organization it's received in the past few weeks. It's a nice Flickr, it just has the wrong (stupid) name associated with it. x.x
25th-Mar-2013 12:58 pm - Moxie Teenz
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Most of the Moxie Teenz my girlfriend and I share have been packed away since the move. I've been pretty disheartened about it because, although I packed them safely, I knew their wigs would be a mess and their clothes all mixed up. Digging them all out and brushing the wigs has been on my mind for months, as well as re-dressing everyone.

I fiiiiiiiinally did it! )

I'll get some descriptions for these ladies up later. They're wearing a ton of outfit pieces and jewelry and even have their stock bags. *It took forever* to get them all brushed out and dressed up nicely again!
12th-Feb-2013 06:04 pm - Back to accomplishing things
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Okay so I'm finally 80% over my cold and Kittyden's about to be updated. I had a couple orders to go out today but the stupid post office (long story) was closed, so they'll all hit the post tomorrow even if I have to go into Fryeburg to mail them.

Jodi and I are going to have some really exciting new stuff for Kittyden this Saturday. The updates I'm sticking in this evening are just things I've been meaning to get in there since Saturday. I still need to finish Tip's boots and get her listing up as well as finish sewing some buttons and trim on a pj set. Besides these basic things, we made a stop at JoAnn's and the place looked like it'd recently received a shipment. The shelves were PACKED. We found some really exciting brocade fabric to make kimonos out of - stay tuned!

(They will be kimonos with under-dresses and socks!)

I still haven't managed to find Catrine and I've promised her to friends besides myself, so I'm a teensy bit aggravated. Luckily I found (despite my earlier lack of enthusiasm) Jinafire, who's inspired three new concepts that should appear on Etsy very soon!

6th-Oct-2012 01:20 pm - Autumn foliage and Abbey
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It's October! Autumn isn't Abbey's favorite season, but it's definitely a sign that winter's on the way!

It's autumn!

More photos. )

I've really been making my poor little camera work. All of these photos have been 'treated' as it were. ;)
12th-May-2012 04:00 pm - Rochelle Goyle
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Oh my god I love this doll so much.

Rochelle Goyle has cotton-candy pink hair lightly streaked with blue. Her skin is gray and speckled like stone, but smooth to the touch. It's a neat look. Her eyes are painted slightly larger than other versions of these dolls to accentuate her gargoyle 'seeing all things' nature. They're pink and look oddly 'alive' on camera, at least in my opinion. :) I've dressed her in Abbey's new fashion pack, which is a fuzzy black vest, white top with faint blue webbing, and a purple skirt in multiple layers with snowflakes. She even has little gargoyle ears! Her hair coloration reminds me of dawn's first light.
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