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23rd-Jan-2013 08:38 am - Dress-making adventures
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (Default)
A few weeks ago I found this shimmery blue opaque fabric that looked like it'd make gorgeous doll dresses.

It does!

The dress I made with it is lovely, but the fabric's absolute crap. I've kept all of my hems on the inside of the gown but it's fraying like crazy, right through triangle stitches and tiny uniform stitches. I can literally fray and fuzz this godforsaken material with my fingernail.

Gorgeous dress, falling apart whenever it's handled. (I've tried all the usual things - liquid stitch, hem glue, burning). It melts really quickly when put near flame and other heated items, so I suspect it's nothing but pure acrylic/rayon.

Lesson learned, I suppose. There will be lots of high-percentage (if not pure) cotton materials from now on. I can't be arsed with spending hours on materials that can't hold a stitch and make it their life's goal to fray all over the place.

(It does beg the question of what the original purpose of this material was, but I suppose such a thing will be forever shrouded in mystery. I can't imagine why anyone would use this stuff for anything (other than its pretty appearance); I'd be afraid to wear it anywhere because the moment it touched a bench/the ground/anything rough, I'd be done!)

Fabric-failure. )
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