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2nd-Mar-2013 09:56 am - Friend communities
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I just posted a little about myself and this journal in some friending communities. Here's what I wrote in them for anyone who's still fairly new. :)

Name: Laura, Sadie, or Alex. I've gone by all of them but Laura's the one on the driver's license.
Age: 23
Location: Maine, USA. I was born in New Hampshire, grew up in Maine, visited Canada twice, visited Texas for a few weeks, visited the UK for a few months, and lived in Colorado for 4 years. I've criss-crossed the country twice and drove across it in July of 2012.
School/job: I've done all kinds of things. Waitressing, hostessing, minor bookkeeping, a partial Associate's degree through two different colleges in Colorado. I'm planning on finishing up that degree and pursuing a pharmacy technician license, but probably not this year.
Likes: Dolls! My journal is primarily filled with my hobby pursuits. I frequently update about my Etsy shop. I like Monster High, Moxie Teenz, Kurhn, S.I.S. and many others. (I also make things, hence the shop!) Besides dolls, I'm really into ABC's Once Upon a Time, BBC's Sherlock, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, all manner of fantasy and sci-fi books, BBC's Merlin, Stargate Universe, Firefly and various manga/anime (Kuroshitsuji, Fruits Basket, Loveless, Juuni Kokki, anything by Miyazaki.) Oh and I read books, obviously, though not as much lately with the shop up and running and trying to save up for a new laptop and camera.
Dislikes: Commercials in between segments of Once (the only show I've bothered to watch live in 5+ years), losing entries due to not copy-pasting before clicking 'post', losing thoughtful comments due to same, anyone who's ever voted against gay marriage laws being passed (i.e. equal rights), liars/cheaters/thieves what-have-you.
Anything else?: I'm owned by three cats - my girlfriend's ginger Phoenix, my fuzzy little (yeah, little) Maine Coon, and Marley the tuxie boy. Besides them I have nine budgies and my girlfriend has a rat named Nikolai. I'll occasionally post pictures of these critters who happily own my life but they're usually under a friendlock, you'll need to be added to see them.
27th-Jan-2013 01:16 pm - Kittyden's been stocked!
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I've stocked up Kittyden for the weekend. Tip isn't finished and I still need to make a listing for the scarves, but there's three new kimonos up as well as another knit ski sweater and hat for the Create a Monster dolls. Sweaters that open and close at the back will be forthcoming for regular MH ghouls - stay tuned!
19th-Jan-2013 07:21 pm - Kittyden's ALIIIIIVE
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Kittyden, the long-awaited Etsy store, is now open for business! More items will be added tomorrow so keep checking back to see what's new!

* Kittyden has been brought to you by Jodi, myself, Kalli, and Alisha! (Not all of us have items listed yet, but it'll happen.) We also have a Facebook page!
13th-Jan-2013 10:22 am - Shop news
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Right so the shop won't be opening this weekend, mostly because I'm a total scatter-brain. We're tentatively looking at this coming Saturday, should give us time to finish the lightbox and start rolling some inventory photos. We've got items but we'll need a few more to make it a worthwhile opening. It's happening, just slowly and carefully. :)
5th-Jan-2013 01:13 pm - It's coming!
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There might be a lightbox in existence by the end of today! Jodi's completed the first official inventory item for the upcoming Etsy shop and I'm going to be adding bits and pieces to ensembles very soon. If anyone's particularly enthused about Robecca's new fashion pack dress, that'll feature in the shop - I'm working out a pattern from it for duplication in different materials.

I'll update again when the shop goes live!
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