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2nd-Apr-2014 09:35 pm - If dolls shopped eBay...
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Life would be pretty tough, I figure.

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11th-Oct-2013 06:21 pm - Ugh!
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That creepy seller on eBay keeps sending Kalli hate messages! For fuck's sake the doll was $4 and completely defective. I seriously wish I could stick my arm through people's computer screens and slap 'em silly because this is beyond ridiculous. Threats? Actual legitimate threats? Guess what, eBay's abuse department is going to hear all about you!
9th-Oct-2013 07:18 pm - Ugh, eBay
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You know, I've had way more problems with American-based eBay shops than those run by people in different countries. I buy loads of small items (usually under $5 a piece) from China and Thailand and I've literally never had a problem that wasn't solved politely. Meanwhile American sellers often fail to accurately describe their items (and defects) and quickly become downright hostile if questioned. One shop owner recently told my girlfriend to "go kill herself" for reporting a doll that arrived with mildew-hair. It's ridiculous! Obviously they don't care about their feedback scores 'cause... aint nobody garnering honey with fightin' words!

(Somebody ever says that to her in person and I'll break their face.)
7th-Oct-2013 09:43 pm - Dud sellers
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I hate coming across dud sellers on eBay. I'm sure you've all had dealings with them: the ones who 'forget' to remark about a doll's hands and/or feet having pet chews (and such is conveniently not pictured in the listing), the ones who mail valuable items in shoeboxes, or dolls in bubble-mailers only to have them get utterly squished in the post. I'm sure the more poetic sorts have written hate-verses about these people, and if I were so inclined I'd do the same.

In short: Kalli and I received some stuff that was not as described and really, it's just saddening. She's had to open cases regarding a doll's clothes being sewn to the doll (completely absent from the seller's description) and a doll that arrived with hair stinking of rot. I'm not even kidding, here, she pulled the doll out of its plastic bag and the room was instantly filled with the smell of dank mildew. It was awful. The outer packaging didn't have any water-damage so the seller obviously packed up the doll in that condition. x.x I've left the poor thing to soak in some laundry detergent but who knows, really.

All of the above is why I do my best to accurately describe each and every item I list up for sale. I want people to know exactly what they're getting. These efforts are not just to protect my reputation as a seller, but to ensure they don't receive any unfortunate surprises. :/ Never mind that it always seemed like common courtesy.
11th-Jul-2013 08:50 pm - Dolls and clothes are up!
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All of the doll listings have gone live on eBay! The custom Lagoona featured is the same as in my current icon. She's absolutely lovely, especially under sunlight!

I combine shipping, by the way. It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't say so in the ads (headdesk) but it's a definite fact; if you take away more than one auction shipping will be combined.
8th-Jul-2013 10:01 am - Fallen to eBay's level
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I wasn't seeming to come by much luck on LJ's onestopdollshop so I listed my old Barbie things (and yard sale rescues) on eBay. They'll reach a wider audience, at least, and if I turn any sort of profit I intend to put it toward Kurhn dolls (namely the Chrysanthemum Fairy and Lotus Fairy). I'd like to list up more stuff but.. well, there's sorting it. :/ Kalli and I organized the majority of Monster High clothing and the Moxie Teenz have their own (large) box, but meh. Not today, I don't think. I do need to dress the Kurhn girls for (potentially) going to Diana's Bath and Cathedral Ledge tomorrow.
4th-Jan-2012 11:15 am - Doll wigs
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I'm thinking I should put more icons in this account (DW side). Sadly my LJ icon limit is maxed (last I checked, maybe I'm wrong) so the new icons will only be visible on DW. (All of these entries are x-posted from my DW, LJ friends.)

My grandmother sent me a small amount of money. I'm going to keep most of it for the next grocery shopping trip, but I did get one of these. Moxie Teenz wear 5/6 wigs and even though I've been looking, I've yet to see a Liv wig that seems well-made. Thankfully I do like these and they run at similar prices. I don't know if it'll fit, but I hope so. If it does I may (in future months) pick up a couple more. I haven't seen a long version in red yet, but I hope I'll have enough in my bank account to snag one if/when it does come along. I'd love to try it on Reilly.

Kalli loves the little Lati Yellows and if their wigs fit the Moxie Teenz, all the better. I'll have a couple on hand so she can switch them out on her future dolls. :) (Eee, dolls.)
7th-Oct-2011 05:02 pm - Doll arrivals and outfit arrivals
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All of the Bratz clothing items I won on Ebay arrived today. I almost didn't see the key in the back of my mailbox! Kalli ([personal profile] softness) also had her items arrive today - Strawberry Shortcake dolls and a Draculaura, all Ebay. The Strawberry Shortcake dolls were securely packed in a box with soft dense paper, but the Draculaura was a completely different matter. The seller put the doll with her items in a simple yellow bubble envelope. The doll wasn't wrapped in paper towels to prevent damage, nothing. The envelope was torn on one end and some of the items had fallen out in-transit. Draculaura had a scuff on her face, her hair was a mess, she's missing a shoe, and the stick and attachment for her stand went out through the hole. All that remained was the doll (thankfully!), her journal, one shoe, and the top of her umbrella. The little handle fell out with everything else.

Kalli was, of course, really disappointed. I traded some doll shoes with her and we cleaned up Draculaura's face. She's dressed in some Bratz items now and I've broken a wooden kebab stick to put into the umbrella as a handle. If I can find some black nail polish I'm sure it'll be fine for photos, and we might be able to find another pair of her shoes on Ebay but Monster High shoes aren't cheap. :/

Once everything was sorted and cleaned up I started exchanging some outfits! Frankie got some camera time, Cleo got ... more than I thought she would, and Lagoona even got herself a punk photo! ;) I've snagged some pics of Kalli's two Draculaura dolls also, but they're for her to photograph mainly. I'll let her show 'em some love on her Flickr, but in the meantime.... the girls!

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I'm completely in love with my version of Frankie Stein. Every bit of me thought Lagoona would be my favorite but, even though I adore her, Frankie's stunning! Did you know her hair has a blue tint under certain light? It looks radioactive! Kalli ([personal profile] softness) discovered it yesterday.

That said, I have a few things planned for Lagoona that'll probably have me liking her even more very soon! I'm going to make small braids throughout her hair and give her a boil-perm because her hair is a little lackluster right now, mostly because it's full of that stupid factory goo they put in doll hair so it'll keep its shape. I'm going to wash it out and get started on her tonight. She looks good in all the things, by the way. It inspired me to be bad so I went to Ebay for more Bratz clothes. >.> Best way to profit? Go for the lots. The individual outfits are stupidly priced and rarely match.

I finally found something for Cleo to wear! It looks great on her. Pics soon!
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