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19th-Feb-2013 08:49 pm - New dolls!
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A few new faces have joined my collection. I love them to pieces (not literally but you know). They'll all get opportunities to model things in my Etsy shop, although that's sadly on hold until Jodi's sewing machine is back up and running and mine gets a new pedal.

Onwards to newbies with descriptions! )
1st-Jun-2012 06:00 pm - The Draculaura Project (minimal)
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I'm looking forward to finishing up a couple things. I have two lovely (and extremely patient!) people holding items for me - Draculaura's newsie outfit, Cleo's outfit, and some Draculaura Gloom Beach hands and forearms. I'm going to try switching the Gloom Beach items with the stock on Kalli's Forbitten Love Draculaura because she has oddly ingrained spots in her arms. They're absent from her elbows up, so an arm switch would be a complete fix.

Pictures of the doll in question... )

Her face is just too cute! I couldn't say no; she needs a fix. I have a feeling she'll end up in the newsie outfit over the other two. I still want to put Skull Shores Draculaura in some kind of Japanese street fashion (stripey socks and all). I think she'd look great.

[Image description: there are four images of the same doll. Draculaura has pink-toned skin and black hair with pink streaks. On this doll, her hair is in two side ponytails and she has bangs. Her face is somewhat heart-shaped and, coupled with her lavender-colored eyes, she has a super-cute expression. She's not wearing anything, but it's only because her fashion pack hasn't arrived yet and to display the factory errors on her arms which look like deep-set ink dots in a faintly symmetrical pattern. They're dark blue and detract from the overall look of the doll, hence the arm replacements I'm planning to buy tomorrow. In the last image, her head is tilted to the side. It's poisonously adorable.]

Besides Draculaura's items, I'm planning to pick up some yarn thread at Wal*Mart and see if any of it is nice enough/thin enough to root a Ghoulia with. My original idea of beads seems to be a flop, or maybe just something I'm not patient enough to try yet. (I may give it another go after I move, since the move is dominating most of my thoughts and detracting from hobbies and ... well, everything, so once it's out of the way and I've done all the other countless things I'll need to do once I'm back, I may pick it up again.)

OH AND MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAVE THREE CATS AGAIN. I'm still trying to mentally prepare myself for the conversation I'll need to undertake with my mother about this development. /crawls under the rug
3rd-Oct-2011 07:37 pm - Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue
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Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue arrived by way of UPS earlier today! They're adorable, both of them. Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I tried them in a bunch of Bratz clothes and they looked far better in the selection than Cleo and Draculaura did. Hmph! How do the blue and green-skinned girls pull them off better than the 'normal-ish' two? We'll never know~

The only irritating thing about the Bratz clothes is the belly-shirt idea. Bratz have smaller midriffs than Monster High girls so a 'belly shirt' on a Bratz girl looks like a bra on a Monster High girl. :| I'll have to figure out how to make simple undershirts to go under the regular shirts. Apparently that thin shirt beneath regular shirt overlaying jeans look is in? I used to think it looked stupid and preppy but it might look okay on dolls. We'll see, I guess! It shouldn't be ... too ridiculously complicated.

Kalli's got some better pics of all our Monster High girls together than I do at the moment. Head over to her Flickr to see 'em. :)
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