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30th-Sep-2013 10:48 am - Fixing dolls
teenythings: Beautiful artwork by Kazuko Taniguchi (May)
I've always enjoyed fixing dolls. On the rare occasion I got to have sleepovers with friends, I'd inevitably end up repairing their dolls. A friend's mother once told my mother I was "such a joy to have over" because "I fixed [her daughter's] dolls" and, briefly while in school I had a 'doll fixing exchange' but I suspect this happened right around the time my peers were dropping dolls for nail polish, Pokémon, and tamagotchi pets.

Anyway, it's nice to see people on Flickr enjoying the same pursuits. It's fun! I love finding dolls in thrift shops and perming the frizz out of their hair. If I wasn't so ADHD about everything I'd probably have a better system of posting pictures and cataloging the stuff I've done. Lists don't really cover the extent of things, but lately it's been:
* Fixing up Esmeralda: boil-permed her hair, attempting to find her a body update in the same skintone, Kalli gifted her a new outfit (Fortune Teller Barbie stock) that suits her perfectly.

* Mulan: Kalli found a Mulan doll for me. She has a lovely face. :) I'm also enamored of her elbow and wrist articulation. I need to boil-perm her hair to calm some remaining frizz, but I've brushed out all the tangles that once populated it.

* Denise Ratchet, my 'troll doll' of sorts: new suit, tights, and she provides all the attitude to match.

* Two Ariels: Kalli found an adorable Ariel doll on eBay for a few dollars. After searching all over the place (and the fact that I recognized her body as belonging to a different Barbie, namely Cool Blue Barbie) she discovered the doll's original form had been one of those 1990's Swimming Mermaid editions. I found another one on eBay for $6 or so and we're planning on rebodying both of them to Teen Skipper sized bodies. Ariel's supposed to be one of the shorter/younger princesses, after all. Both dolls required an excess of brushing and restyling.

* Kalli gifted a Sabrina doll's outfit to my Kiki custom. It came in perfect condition, but was a little big so I took it in and added some straps to keep the dress in place beneath the glittery mesh. (I'll get some pictures of this soon. It's complete.)
In short, I enjoy fixing up dolls and Kalli spoils them rotten with lovely things. :)
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