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It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way
14th-Apr-2014 07:57 pm - Dress-fiddling
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I modified a Barbie dress for Maudlynne.

In white

She doesn't fit typical Barbie clothes, mind. This dress came from listing with several handmade items. I think it'd be really big on a Barbie, as it fits her perfectly. The snaps close nicely in the back.

White isn't really her color, but I think she enjoyed getting out of her red dress for a bit.

I'm going to buy her some Minifee clothes when I have money for them.
2nd-Apr-2014 09:35 pm - If dolls shopped eBay...
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Life would be pretty tough, I figure.

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6th-Oct-2013 10:23 am - Kiki's party dress
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Kiki's party dress

Here's Kiki in that white dress I was talking about. (I've had a weird thing about putting my dolls in white lately.) Anyone who watched campy television in the 90's will probably recognize this dress: it's from a Hasbro Sabrina: the Teenage Witch doll. I picked it (and Kalli agreed, and got it as a gift for Kiki) because it has a somewhat ethereal witchy-feel, but it's also light and fluffy and totally Kiki.

I love this dress for several reasons, the first of which being it's two pieces instead of one. The sheer gauzy part with its swirly sparkles is separate the slip underneath. The slip actually works as a dress on its own (but looks better with the sheer portion over it). I modified the slip with straps because it was a little big and didn't want to stay up. I took in the sides a little, too, and since it had older (and extremely rough) velcro I decided that needed to go completely. It has two snaps at the back, now, which cinch the dress to create a better fit. These minor modifications were all very easy to make and probably took.. eh, fifteen minutes or so.

Messing around with Sabrina items resulted in a hike down memory lane. I found the live-action movie on YouTube and roped Kalli into watching it with me. (She liked it!) If you're curious, that can be found [here]. I used to watch this movie with a friend I had in elementary school. It was one of her mum's favorite things to watch, and she used to ask us morality questions about things that went on throughout. (It was ascertained that my friend and I were both completely bankrupt in that department.)

It's all hilariously campy, and Kiki's dress isn't modeled after the one in the movie so much as a different one Sabrina occasionally wears in the television series, but well... it reminds me of my morally-bankrupt friend and her mum who passed away a few years ago. I miss them both. I think my friend's pursuing a bachelor's at some university in Mass. and doing well at that, so I'm happy for her. We're both (most likely) still morally-bankrupt individuals but hey, aint no crime if ya don't get caught (right? right?) ;)
30th-Sep-2013 10:48 am - Fixing dolls
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I've always enjoyed fixing dolls. On the rare occasion I got to have sleepovers with friends, I'd inevitably end up repairing their dolls. A friend's mother once told my mother I was "such a joy to have over" because "I fixed [her daughter's] dolls" and, briefly while in school I had a 'doll fixing exchange' but I suspect this happened right around the time my peers were dropping dolls for nail polish, Pokémon, and tamagotchi pets.

Anyway, it's nice to see people on Flickr enjoying the same pursuits. It's fun! I love finding dolls in thrift shops and perming the frizz out of their hair. If I wasn't so ADHD about everything I'd probably have a better system of posting pictures and cataloging the stuff I've done. Lists don't really cover the extent of things, but lately it's been:
* Fixing up Esmeralda: boil-permed her hair, attempting to find her a body update in the same skintone, Kalli gifted her a new outfit (Fortune Teller Barbie stock) that suits her perfectly.

* Mulan: Kalli found a Mulan doll for me. She has a lovely face. :) I'm also enamored of her elbow and wrist articulation. I need to boil-perm her hair to calm some remaining frizz, but I've brushed out all the tangles that once populated it.

* Denise Ratchet, my 'troll doll' of sorts: new suit, tights, and she provides all the attitude to match.

* Two Ariels: Kalli found an adorable Ariel doll on eBay for a few dollars. After searching all over the place (and the fact that I recognized her body as belonging to a different Barbie, namely Cool Blue Barbie) she discovered the doll's original form had been one of those 1990's Swimming Mermaid editions. I found another one on eBay for $6 or so and we're planning on rebodying both of them to Teen Skipper sized bodies. Ariel's supposed to be one of the shorter/younger princesses, after all. Both dolls required an excess of brushing and restyling.

* Kalli gifted a Sabrina doll's outfit to my Kiki custom. It came in perfect condition, but was a little big so I took it in and added some straps to keep the dress in place beneath the glittery mesh. (I'll get some pictures of this soon. It's complete.)
In short, I enjoy fixing up dolls and Kalli spoils them rotten with lovely things. :)
30th-Aug-2013 12:02 pm - [Kurhn Catalogue] Coral
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A few months ago I wanted to photograph each of my Kurhn dolls with all of their accessories. I tried posing them up in the windowsill but I didn't have clothing props so the clothes were flat, or the doll was left to awkwardly hold them. My idea wasn't panning out in the way I'd wanted, so I abandoned it with no small amount of frustration.

Yesterday changed that, as I suddenly realized Kalli had two clothing prop models from her Pretty Model girls. My abandoned idea came back to life, and here it is (with much help from Kalli in locating all the individual clothing items and accessories). I managed to get pictures of every single one of my Kurhn girls with their items, so this is officially A Thing in its nearly-finished glory! (Proud words for play items scaled at 1/6th, but hey. I'm not the most organized person out there so this is definitely an accomplishment.)

First up - Coral! )
24th-Aug-2013 08:16 pm - Hey look! Dolls!
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Poses and pretty stuff under here... )
27th-May-2013 11:27 am - Let me borrow that top
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Lori listed up doll clothes and Kalli and I screeched with glee. I was just thinking I should get my boxes of dolls off the top of the bookshelf and try to organize things. Jodi and I are still sewing for Monster High with the ultimate goal of listing things on Kittyden, but it's intermittent at best. I'm still fussed about computer problems and waiting to see what new hell arrives from the nefarious 'Front Source Technologies.' x.x

Things things things. I'm due for a significant update in the near future. There haven't been any newbies on the shelves because nothing's in stores around here, but I've also set my doll hobby on hold in favor of sorting out the computer issues. I didn't anticipate the computer stuff taking so long, honestly.
4th-Feb-2013 12:13 pm - What has my life become?
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I just spent some eight hours (not consecutively) of my life browsing EvilBay, Amazon, and Regretsy for Barbie-sized clothes.

Clearly I ought to be put out of my misery, or possibly I just need to invest in several sketchbooks for clothing concepts I plan on bringing into reality.

My sewing machine comes out of storage on Thursday! there a fandom for doll-sized winterwear, raincoats, travel-themed outfits, international attire, and all-around fuzzy stuff? If so, I want in!
2nd-Feb-2013 08:40 pm - Doll clothes, new dolls, life stuff
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I have so many ideas for doll clothes that I need a 'paste mental image' sort of computer program to keep them organized! Upcoming for Kittyden includes the following:
* Nightgowns
* Nightshirts + pants
* Fitted skirts a la Operetta's latest fashion pack
* Tip
* Fitted leggings
* Shirts with cute sleeves
* Silk kimonos

These items will primarily appear in Monster High size, but Moxie Teenz may feature. I'm hoping to get a bigger variety of Moxie Teenz items into the shop within the next two weeks.

Besides the above shop news, Kalli and I ordered two Kurhn dolls and I can't wait until they arrive. They're adorable and might even replace Momoko in my mental list of Dolls I'd Love To Have.

...actually I'm quite certain they already have; Momoko's waaay out of my price range I'm not going to fuss over them until I know I won't feel guilty about spending that much for a doll. BJD's and similar are out of the picture for similar reasons.

Kalli and I will probably have a car very soon! It's a little blue Subaru Impreza, looks a lot like this. $1,500, has titles along with a folder of everything that's ever been done to it. I'm excited! I can't remember what year, but it's.. basically exactly the one in the image, so maybe a 1996?

Oh and I've lost 12lb by essentially cutting carbs and keeping under a daily calorie limit. My girlfriend and housemate Alisha are both doing the same thing and we're all making significant progress toward our goal weights. Having other people interested and doing it along with me has really helped my 'stick with it' meter. I'm aiming for 125lb and have 15 left to go!
13th-Jan-2013 10:22 am - Shop news
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Right so the shop won't be opening this weekend, mostly because I'm a total scatter-brain. We're tentatively looking at this coming Saturday, should give us time to finish the lightbox and start rolling some inventory photos. We've got items but we'll need a few more to make it a worthwhile opening. It's happening, just slowly and carefully. :)
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