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25th-Nov-2013 10:18 am - Holidays and potential re-rooting
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I've been really quiet about dolls lately. Life's been eating up all my time, Alisha's dog-rehoming project didn't work out, enrolling in a new college has been slow going, and I feel like I'm out of the house more than I'm in it. x.x (I'm sure the latter is an exaggeration, but it certainly feels that way!)

Winter holidays are coming up, though! I'm going to try and get all of the Kurhn into winter-themed outfits today (with Kalli) and maybe some of the Monster High also. It's been a good ten degrees below freezing for a couple days now, so they're certainly due some warmer outfits.

I'd really love to be able to commission Kristen for at least one re-rooting service with potential holiday giftcash, assuming I'll have enough. She does really lovely re-roots and I've fallen in love with this one of Catrine with black hair. Her lips struck me as a bit dark, originally, but I wasn't sure what would improve matters. Now that I've seen that, well... I'm sold. :) I bet she'd look great in a wider variety of outfits after such a re-root, and she's Indonesia-made so glue's been slowly wreaking her hair since I got her. I haven't examined her lately, but I suspect she's become a glueball. I think I'll de-hair and de-glue her prior to any re-rooting just to save on frustration.

(If I have enough, I'd like to have Spectra done in the saran I've got sitting on hand. She's been waiting forever, poor thing. I keep thinking I need to learn how to do it, but I don't want to start off with her and potentially fudge up all her nice hair. One of the colors was a limited edition and I don't know if it's still in stock.)
14th-Sep-2013 07:23 pm - Rosetta came home + customizations
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I'm a sucker. I got Rosetta while I was out at Walmart with Alisha earlier today. She was $11.99, where could I go wrong? ;) Kalli has their fashion packs on the way too; life's going to be nothing but fairy fun.

Under here! )

Besides fairies, I've been trying to work through a rather gigantic backlog of projects. I dug out my Esmeralda doll Kalli got me as a gift several years ago. She arrived with rather frizzed-out hair so I did a light boil-perm in an effort to relax it. This worked, but obviously left her with rather straight hair instead of the bushy waves she's got in the movie. I've been meaning to re-do her waves for years so...

...tonight was the night! )

I hope this works! I've had spotty success with boil-perms over the years. I'm rather suspicious that the altitude in Colorado Springs threw off some of my experiments, but quite a few 'errors' were definitely my fault. I've yet to melt anyone, but I did manage to give my witch CAM ringlets not unlike Shirley Temple .......... x.x (The look didn't suit her.) That's her wig beside Esmeralda, actually. I'm giving that one another go with larger curlers. I wanted big whorls, not ringlets.

Pictures tomorrow if all goes well! If my experiments fail, well.... back to the pot they'll go, I expect.

Esmeralda rather sadly has an old clacky 90's body. I keep forgetting to take her with me when I go places, but next time I'm out at shops that stock jointed Fashionistas I'm hoping to find a skintone match. They'll be getting switched, 'cause I love Esmeralda and it'd be great if she fit a wider variety of clothing. I'll miss the flat feet (for her personally) but, well, joints and clothes trump feet.
9th-Jul-2013 02:59 pm - Current project
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Okay so I don't post about my works-in-progress nearly often enough. Here's the most recent of such things:

Shelves! )

I was over at the 'ents upgrading their computers (always fun, the mother was shocked as usual) and I had the mind to ask my dad if he had any spare shelves. He didn't, or didn't have anything precisely like what I had in mind, but then I found some of my old bedroom shelves in the eaves. These weren't quite what I had in mind either, but I figured the upgrades wouldn't be too difficult. These were originally pine-yellow and, while sturdy (solid wood), kind of.. cheaply constructed. I've sanded them down quite a bit and Alisha and I did a spread of walnut varnish over them. Now they're a warm medium brown, and once it sets we'll enamel them so they'll have a glossy look.

The shelves themselves are quite small, but perfect for a couple dolls each. I'm thinking they'll be for the Kurhn dolls with the lovely gowns. They look like balconies with a low rail. The color's rather complimentary to the rest of our bedroom furniture, too! I can't wait to enamel them and get them up on the wall!
23rd-May-2013 09:26 pm - Current state of affairs
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I'm starting up a few Kittyden projects again. :) The shop's been on unofficial hiatus because I was trying to sort out computer issues. I still haven't resolved the issues, but Kalli ordered a new keyboard for my laptop and that's solved my busted spacebar problem. The replacement keyboard was $13, if you can believe it. I wish I'd known; I would've replaced it ages ago!

I tried ordering a refurbished desktop from BestBuy's refurb marketplace. Listed specs included the tower, screen, keyboard, and mouse. Internal hardware specs included a 1 terabyte HD, a Core 2 processor, and 8gb of RAM. I received a doorstop with no visible graphics card, a single 1gb RAM chip, and there's no telling if the HD's sound because it doesn't boot up. Ordinarily I'd be stressed but really, I'm just amused. They're sending out a replacement but I won't get my hopes up. If it's a piece of crud like what I've got I'm sending it all back and getting a refund.

It'll be far more fun to build my own. I've got a fairly solid idea of what I want to do. It'll be a little more expensive than the refurb marketplaces and inevitably take longer (as I'll be ordering it piece by piece, funds permitting) but I've got this. ;)

Besides all of the above, I've revamped my original journal here on DW. All of my doll exploits will still take place here, but if you'd like to read about other things (fanfiction, books, my girlfriend and I, our pets) it'll be at [personal profile] thisonething.
2nd-Mar-2013 07:52 am - Shop news, personal whining + goals
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I'm not actually going to have much of a presence in today's Kittyden updates. I was working on a couple things yesterday but none of them turned out quite right (waste of fabric, back to the drawing board with some patterns). It's not a total loss but they're just not coming out the way I want.

Perfectionism's often a hindrance so I suppose I'm not trying for that, exactly, but I'm definitely fussy. Some of the stuff I've been fiddling with hasn't been meeting my personal standards of sturdiness or appearance.

One point in my favor: I've discovered a method of reinforcing the threadwork on blouses (etc) that won't be visible when the pieces are done. Extra sturdiness! Besides that, I'm considering linings on the insides of bodices (especially fitted ones; darts aren't the most attractive things). Sturdiness, practicality, and lovely appearance!

Right then. More stuff for Kittyden, but mostly items crafted by Jodi. I'm going to start listing up some custom dolls but they'll be pricier - I never thought they'd take so much TIME. Effort's one thing, I don't mind putting appropriate effort in, but days and days and argh. Profits from the customs will go toward a new laptop because mine's on its last legs. The usb ports fried out and can't be replaced and the keyboard's degrading. I have to really whack my space key right in the center in order to type coherently. IfIdon'tdo itjust right itlookslike thiswithoutfail. :|

I'm also in serious need of a camera upgrade. I've been wanting a nice one since early 2011 but stalling because of money (either lack of or not wanting to spend that much at once).

Laptop first, then camera. No new dolls (except maybe the two swimsuit Venus dolls) until these priorities are met. :|
19th-Nov-2012 12:24 pm - Customization!
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New victims!

It's happening!
13th-Sep-2012 01:23 pm - Novi Stars
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Oy, Novi Stars are cute. *-* I don't have any money (certainly none to be spending on dolls) but awwh, once all the responsible mature shit gets taken care of they'll be coming home with me. I bet they'd look fabulous on MH bodies. I should've gotten those double torso CAM packs when I saw them at Target. :( Nita Light could go on the pale werewolf torso (was that ever re-released?) and Ari Roma could go on the pink cat CAM. Alie Lectric could go on the green witch torso, maybe, if it isn't too much of a shade variance. I think I like the Novi dolls better than the CAM sets! Una Verse might look good on Ghoulia or Abbey. Probably Abbey because of the glitter but I hate to take Abbeys apart. x.x Possibly my Skull Shores Abbey.

Aha Universal Academy vs. Monster High~

Except in my sappy daydream they'd all be friends hanging out at sleepovers with popcorn, soda, and prank-phoning NORAD for shits and giggles.

Oh well. Next year, I guess!

9th-Jun-2012 12:17 pm - Muckery
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Right so I screwed up the current doll project (derp) but the idea remains. I'm going to try it on a different doll because she'll probably wear it better. I'd originally set out to use a Ghoulia but Cleo? She'll be fantastic.

Stay tuned~
8th-Jun-2012 07:26 pm - New project: officially begun!
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I've finally started on Ghoulia! It took me ages to reach a mental compromise over whether or not to use beads or yarn and my conclusion: both, as if that's a surprise. :p Results in a couple days! Here's the first bit underway though; it took about an hour and a half to completely rid her of hair and glue.

Unless I become ridiculously attached (or screw this up somehow), she's likely going to be available to buy. :)

New project!

Image shows dark blue and light blue tufts of hair intermixed with yellowish earwax-looking glue. The glue has made the hair sticky and clumpy.

In other news... )
4th-May-2012 01:10 pm - First custom re-root - Lagoona Blue
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I've finally finished my first custom doll thanks to a rather ingenious idea from a friend. (He solved allllllll my problems!)

Lagoona Blue~ )

I re-rooted her with two different shades of yarn. The yarn is called 'Homespun' and feels quite soft. (I hate rough yarns.) The colors in the lighter yarn are a light sea blue/green tone and a faintly blonde tone. In the second shade, the colors are dark blue, purple, and green. These colors blend together nicely. My total work-time was roughly 13 hours, but spread out over several days. Perhaps two or three hours a day. Kalli got me a glass bottle of Pepsi to celebrate. :)

Lagoona isn't for sale, as she's in my personal collection, but after I do a few more dolls and gain experience I might open up an Etsy shop for custom re-rooting services in yarn AND saran hair. My next project, Spectra, will be done in saran hair. I haven't ordered it yet, but I'll get some work-in-progress photos up once I start. I plan to do her in the needle-knot method so her hair will be very secure.
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