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14th-Dec-2013 02:26 pm - Bay of evil and weather
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So I'm sure everyone knows, but people are selling off their Monster High collections on eBay. If you've got patience (and older dolls) that you particularly wanted back-when, nowish is the time to be hunting them. Kalli and I have managed to score a couple ghouls for less than what they originally retailed for. It takes me a long time to find ones with decent pictures so I can weed out eye-wonk, but it's worth it. I've stopped worrying about glue because if I'm terribly fussed, there are lovely people who offer rerooting services and really, it's just a matter of saving up for that.

My Christmas excitement is finally starting to settle in. I've really enjoyed having Kalli open up gifts. I'm awful, really, and hate surprises. It makes me happy to have her open up her things and look at them. (Saving items for one specific day is just silly. I like making people feel special often.)

We've got a Nor'easter on its way! I think we're supposed to get at least 14 inches of snow, if the weather reporters are to be believed, and eeeeeeeee I loves me some winter. Tons of dolls-in-snow pictures to come, I'm sure! We may lose power but that's no real hardship with a woodstove and piles of woollen blankets.

I should get some pics of the tree...
2nd-Dec-2013 10:37 pm - Doll re-rooting projects
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Ever since getting into Monster High (and perhaps more specifically, doll customization) I've had this fear that someone will come to me and say "I had that idea first!"

Thanks to worrying about this, perhaps unnecessarily, I've rather carefully kept quiet about various ideas involving dolls, re-roots, and outfits. The only person who's been 'in the know' is Kalli.

So I guess I'm going to write this entry, and it's going to be about dolls, re-rooting, and Things I Wanna Have Done (since my lazy ass sure isn't doing it).

* Spectra re-rooted in the same style she came with, in the same colors. (In-progress!)

* My two Rochelle Goyles done with gray hair (majority) with cotton candy pink prominent in one and cotton candy blue prominent in the other. Hints of pink and blue in both, but essentially one as 'twilight' and one as 'dawn.'

* A Lagoona Blue completely done in her original blonde tone, boil-permed into curls.

* A Lagoona Blue done in the two shades of blue that usually comes streaked throughout her hair. (Possibly some variation here, depending on the doll's make-up.)

* My original yellow and orange-haired Howleen re-rooted in the same colors, long and straight. (I might curl it eventually, or give her a chic cut.)

* My pink haired Dance Class Howleen done in her original pink mixed with a lighter pink (like her 13 Wishes version) but long. (Also may curl/eventually evolve to chic cut.)

* Operetta re-rooted in black hair with a lone streak of white. Curled, movie-star style.

* Catrine deMew re-rooted in glossy black saran, anime-esque 'bangs in front, long in back' style. (This one is not my own idea, was rather completely inspired by this.)

* CAM Sea Monster re-rooted with black hair mixed with pink and sea green/teal (matching her eyeliner and lipstick) underneath in streaks. 'Scene hair' style.

* Robecca re-rooted with glossy black (majority) with dark blue (glossy) filtered through. Not streaked so much as blended in.

* CAM witch re-rooted with carrot orange (if such a thing exists). A hint of a widow's peak on her forehead.

* A Spectra doll re-rooted with ice white with teal streaked through.

I've had these ideas swimming in my head for ages. They're my own (except Catrine) but, given how long it's taken me to actually send off one of mine (and Kalli's) dolls, I have no doubts that other people out there have already done some of the above. My versions aren't likely to be the first of their kind, as such things go. Nearly all of my inspiration was drawn from each doll's face, or pictures of them wearing different outfits, or their backgrounds (canon or imagined).

Having these ideas hangin' out in my head has also been a source of frustration. I'm currently a rather typical poor college kid and re-root services can be pricey. Moreso, as someone who used to sew (since I don't, at the moment, and can't really continue to claim something I haven't touched in months), I think re-root artists undercharge for their work. Re-rooting is difficult stuff, not to mention time-consuming. I want to be like "here take my money" on a regular basis because the results are just so amazing, but this would be far more effective if I actually had money. Spectra's being funded by Christmas giftcash from what remaining family doesn't hate me for becoming a rampaging lesbian who votes liberal. ;)
29th-Nov-2013 11:38 pm - It's official!
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Kalli and I are doing the thing! We're finally having some dolls re-rooted! We're sending out Spectra and Toralei to Kristen tomorrow! Much squee!

I know I'd said I wanted to do it, but honestly.. after Spectra's lovely hair arrived in the mail, I couldn't bring myself to use her as my first attempt with saran. I didn't want to screw it up, especially considering one of the colors was listed as a limited edition.

If giftcash happens, we might send along a few more. I want Catrine to have black hair, as previously noted, and my poor Rochelles have been on the waiting list for almost as long as Spectra.

And then there's Operetta. *headdesk*

I was peeking around on eBay for something specific (which I found, and Kalli snagged, eee) but, besides the win, I noticed a lot of Monster High ads were mentioning variations of "doll in used condition, hair is weirdly sticky." It's about time the masses started catching on. Really, it's only taken them a few years. (Oh well, I guess.)
6th-Oct-2013 10:23 am - Kiki's party dress
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Kiki's party dress

Here's Kiki in that white dress I was talking about. (I've had a weird thing about putting my dolls in white lately.) Anyone who watched campy television in the 90's will probably recognize this dress: it's from a Hasbro Sabrina: the Teenage Witch doll. I picked it (and Kalli agreed, and got it as a gift for Kiki) because it has a somewhat ethereal witchy-feel, but it's also light and fluffy and totally Kiki.

I love this dress for several reasons, the first of which being it's two pieces instead of one. The sheer gauzy part with its swirly sparkles is separate the slip underneath. The slip actually works as a dress on its own (but looks better with the sheer portion over it). I modified the slip with straps because it was a little big and didn't want to stay up. I took in the sides a little, too, and since it had older (and extremely rough) velcro I decided that needed to go completely. It has two snaps at the back, now, which cinch the dress to create a better fit. These minor modifications were all very easy to make and probably took.. eh, fifteen minutes or so.

Messing around with Sabrina items resulted in a hike down memory lane. I found the live-action movie on YouTube and roped Kalli into watching it with me. (She liked it!) If you're curious, that can be found [here]. I used to watch this movie with a friend I had in elementary school. It was one of her mum's favorite things to watch, and she used to ask us morality questions about things that went on throughout. (It was ascertained that my friend and I were both completely bankrupt in that department.)

It's all hilariously campy, and Kiki's dress isn't modeled after the one in the movie so much as a different one Sabrina occasionally wears in the television series, but well... it reminds me of my morally-bankrupt friend and her mum who passed away a few years ago. I miss them both. I think my friend's pursuing a bachelor's at some university in Mass. and doing well at that, so I'm happy for her. We're both (most likely) still morally-bankrupt individuals but hey, aint no crime if ya don't get caught (right? right?) ;)
24th-Sep-2013 10:18 pm - I'm making a Kiki custom!
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Kiki - WIP

She's still a WIP, and I haven't figured out how I want Jiji to look yet. Anyway, here she is! :D
11th-Jul-2013 08:50 pm - Dolls and clothes are up!
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All of the doll listings have gone live on eBay! The custom Lagoona featured is the same as in my current icon. She's absolutely lovely, especially under sunlight!

I combine shipping, by the way. It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't say so in the ads (headdesk) but it's a definite fact; if you take away more than one auction shipping will be combined.
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