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30th-Nov-2013 06:10 pm - Dolls!
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Christmas shoppers were out in force today. I helped some French-speaking tourists from Quebec get un-lost at Settler's Green. (Turns out I still remember some high school French after all!) I looked in at Justice for some Monster High but the new budget swim dolls (Frankie and Rochelle, only ones on the shelf) were made in Indonesia. Foo! The Toys 'r' Us Express (teeny outlet) had nothing (unsurprising) but Wal*Mart had a lone Scaris Deuce! I wanted to get him back in January but everywhere sold out extremely quickly. It was quite shocking to find him, as I wasn't sure if Mattel was still shipping the Scaris assortments. Maybe he was a return? Who knows. I've got him hanging out with Cleo on my desk.

I know Cleo isn't the sharing type, but she might just have to learn. I bet Rochelle's going to be making cute-sy eyes at him the moment she realizes he's here. ;)
4th-Jun-2013 11:30 am - State of Doll Things
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I've been feeling really disillusioned about Monster High dolls for the past several months. I love them and their originality (and roots in fiction and fairytale) but the defects/quality control problems are simply astounding. The only upcoming release I'm looking forward to is this Cleo, but only if she's China-made. I'll skip if she's Indonesia because I'm 110% done with shoddy manufacturing.

That and I've got enough pretties to work with. I haven't been sewing for Kittyden lately but hopefully the hiatus won't last. (Jodi's been working on projects for the Gallery in Bridgton; I don't want to be a pest.) We've got cotton kimono and brocade kimono to finish up and list. They're all in the realm of 85-90% complete, which is frustrating but obviously my on-going curse in life. I'm terrible about seeing projects through to completion.

I should post WIP pictures or something. Maybe seeing how nearly-done they are will inspire me to finish them.
11th-Jun-2012 05:17 pm - School's Out Cleo de Nile
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My (rather small) quest for a made in China School's Out Cleo is still rolling. I thought it'd be easier to find her because Cleo isn't a high-demand doll. The catch is the made in China bit; I can't order her from Amazon or any other regular online store because they'll probably send me an Indonesia-made version. On top of that, ordering online often results in receiving a doll where one eye is half again the size of the other or running down the doll's cheek. (Sigh.) I don't mind some flaws and some of my current dolls have somewhat uneven eyes, but none of them have the 'eye dripping down face' syndrome.

The major issue is the glue, though. I don't want crappy Indonesia factory glue to ruin her hair. :( Especially such a pretty Cleo; I'd probably cry if I had to cut off her hair and re-root her. Besides my sap-like tendencies, her hair is black, dark brown, and teal. I'd have to find matching saran colors for all those because I like them so much.

Here's a photo (not mine!) of the Cleo I'm after.

MH School's Out Cleo de Nile

I'll bet that's the Indonesia version; her lip paint came out better than the China version, but apparently the China version has softer hair and.. the nonexistent glue issue, of course.
9th-Jun-2012 12:17 pm - Muckery
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Right so I screwed up the current doll project (derp) but the idea remains. I'm going to try it on a different doll because she'll probably wear it better. I'd originally set out to use a Ghoulia but Cleo? She'll be fantastic.

Stay tuned~
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I'm completely in love with my version of Frankie Stein. Every bit of me thought Lagoona would be my favorite but, even though I adore her, Frankie's stunning! Did you know her hair has a blue tint under certain light? It looks radioactive! Kalli ([personal profile] softness) discovered it yesterday.

That said, I have a few things planned for Lagoona that'll probably have me liking her even more very soon! I'm going to make small braids throughout her hair and give her a boil-perm because her hair is a little lackluster right now, mostly because it's full of that stupid factory goo they put in doll hair so it'll keep its shape. I'm going to wash it out and get started on her tonight. She looks good in all the things, by the way. It inspired me to be bad so I went to Ebay for more Bratz clothes. >.> Best way to profit? Go for the lots. The individual outfits are stupidly priced and rarely match.

I finally found something for Cleo to wear! It looks great on her. Pics soon!
3rd-Oct-2011 07:37 pm - Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue
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Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue arrived by way of UPS earlier today! They're adorable, both of them. Kalli ([personal profile] softness) and I tried them in a bunch of Bratz clothes and they looked far better in the selection than Cleo and Draculaura did. Hmph! How do the blue and green-skinned girls pull them off better than the 'normal-ish' two? We'll never know~

The only irritating thing about the Bratz clothes is the belly-shirt idea. Bratz have smaller midriffs than Monster High girls so a 'belly shirt' on a Bratz girl looks like a bra on a Monster High girl. :| I'll have to figure out how to make simple undershirts to go under the regular shirts. Apparently that thin shirt beneath regular shirt overlaying jeans look is in? I used to think it looked stupid and preppy but it might look okay on dolls. We'll see, I guess! It shouldn't be ... too ridiculously complicated.

Kalli's got some better pics of all our Monster High girls together than I do at the moment. Head over to her Flickr to see 'em. :)
2nd-Oct-2011 10:08 am - Cleo de Nile DT
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I kind of figured Cleo de Nile would be my first Monster High doll. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I walked by the Monster High selection at Wal*Mart several times before really noticing them on Flickr and getting curious. I'd vaguely noticed Cleo's face and I liked how much character she had, but she was in a set with this 'green plastic-headed thing' and the price was obscene so, yeah, not too much interest there.

I'm weird, probably, in feeling like she was somewhat misrepresented in the little webisodes. She's filling the typical 'diva' role, like Cordelia in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don't think that's actually her personality, although I'll definitely agree that she's got some sass and isn't the nicest girl around. (Honestly she's kind of derpy in the show?)

Kalli ([personal profile] softness) got her for me. $9.85 Dead Tired version. I took some of the ridiculous tinsel out of her hair because she looked like some kind of tree ornament. It's still in there, but thinned out. I like it better now, and she looks better in photographs without all that junk screwing up my camera's flash.

She hates all the Bratz outfits I tried her in so I've left her in her jammies on my desk.

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