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14th-Sep-2013 07:23 pm - Rosetta came home + customizations
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I'm a sucker. I got Rosetta while I was out at Walmart with Alisha earlier today. She was $11.99, where could I go wrong? ;) Kalli has their fashion packs on the way too; life's going to be nothing but fairy fun.

Under here! )

Besides fairies, I've been trying to work through a rather gigantic backlog of projects. I dug out my Esmeralda doll Kalli got me as a gift several years ago. She arrived with rather frizzed-out hair so I did a light boil-perm in an effort to relax it. This worked, but obviously left her with rather straight hair instead of the bushy waves she's got in the movie. I've been meaning to re-do her waves for years so...

...tonight was the night! )

I hope this works! I've had spotty success with boil-perms over the years. I'm rather suspicious that the altitude in Colorado Springs threw off some of my experiments, but quite a few 'errors' were definitely my fault. I've yet to melt anyone, but I did manage to give my witch CAM ringlets not unlike Shirley Temple .......... x.x (The look didn't suit her.) That's her wig beside Esmeralda, actually. I'm giving that one another go with larger curlers. I wanted big whorls, not ringlets.

Pictures tomorrow if all goes well! If my experiments fail, well.... back to the pot they'll go, I expect.

Esmeralda rather sadly has an old clacky 90's body. I keep forgetting to take her with me when I go places, but next time I'm out at shops that stock jointed Fashionistas I'm hoping to find a skintone match. They'll be getting switched, 'cause I love Esmeralda and it'd be great if she fit a wider variety of clothing. I'll miss the flat feet (for her personally) but, well, joints and clothes trump feet.
4th-Feb-2013 12:13 pm - What has my life become?
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I just spent some eight hours (not consecutively) of my life browsing EvilBay, Amazon, and Regretsy for Barbie-sized clothes.

Clearly I ought to be put out of my misery, or possibly I just need to invest in several sketchbooks for clothing concepts I plan on bringing into reality.

My sewing machine comes out of storage on Thursday! there a fandom for doll-sized winterwear, raincoats, travel-themed outfits, international attire, and all-around fuzzy stuff? If so, I want in!
22nd-Oct-2011 06:06 pm - Barbies!
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So I found this guy on Flickr who's literally called the barbie man (lowercase) and the name suits him. He's got thousands of Barbies and most have one or two fashion shots. They're all in excellent condition and gorgeous to look at. Clicking through his albums was like taking a walk down memory lane! Obviously I never had that many Barbies but I had a few. :) It was nice seeing some of my former Barbies and once-favorites in his collection. Seeing his pictures inspired me to hunt around and write up a list of the Barbies I used to have and, to my surprise, a lot of them are going for less with shipping included than their former shelf price! I found a doll I used to like and distinctly remember my mother saying "oh nooo, not for $25" and she's going for $18 as a buy it now on Ebay.

It gives me hope for slowly reclaiming my old collection. Here's the list, for the curious!

Barbies I used to own:
Butterfly Art Tattoo Kira (I'll be snatching this one up again)
Sun Sensations Kira (I'll be snatching this one up again)
Satiny Shimmer Mulan
Skipper 'Courtney'
Stacie's friend 'Janet'
Happy Birthday Barbie 1994
Butterfly Princess Barbie (I'll be snatching this one up again)
Hula Hair Barbie (I owned Teresa but I like Barbie's ver. better)
Angel Princess Barbie (I'll be snatching this one up again)
Barbie Mermaid Teresa & Midge (I'll be snatching these up again)
Corduroy Cool Barbie (I'll be snatching this one up again)
Dream Glow Barbie (I still have her dress but not her)
Very Velvet Kira (I'll be snatching this one up again)

Kira was obviously a favorite.

Barbies I'd like to own:
Princess and the Pea Barbie
1998 Winter Evening Barbie
Barbie as Swan Queen in Swan Lake (Eee I love this doll, a friend had her when we were kids)
Crystal Splendor Barbie 1995
Peace & Love 70's Barbie
Romeo & Juliet giftset
Fashion Avenue Deluxe Pink & Black gown

+ a few I plan to snatch up for my partner~
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