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6th-Oct-2012 01:20 pm - Autumn foliage and Abbey
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It's October! Autumn isn't Abbey's favorite season, but it's definitely a sign that winter's on the way!

It's autumn!

More photos. )

I've really been making my poor little camera work. All of these photos have been 'treated' as it were. ;)
19th-Sep-2012 10:25 am - Cameras and doll creativity
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I think I've finally settled on the type of camera I'd like to get. My little Canon Elph is struggling to keep up with what I want it to do and, well, I feel bad. I've exceeded the make of my camera! ;.; I'll definitely be keeping it as a backup since it still takes decently sharp area photos barring low-light situations.

My future camera will (most likely) be a Nikon D3000 or D3100.

I've reached this conclusion after months of trawling Flickr and scrolling through raw photos taken by various and sundry cameras. I've also liked Canon (who doesn't, they're fabulous) but Fuji surprised me. There were a couple different Fuji models I hovered on for over a week. I even pondered some Olympus models but it definitely looks like my finalist will be a Nikon to compliment my girlfriend's Canon. ^^ Back in high school my photography professor said Nikon was the 'dark twin of Canon' which is probably a load of horseshit but hey, that's Fryeburg Academy for you.

In other news: Abbey Bominable's Dead Tired version is coming to live with me! ♥ She might arrive by Friday or Saturday so I'll get some pictures when that happens.

My favorite eBay shop restocked items I'm not sure I can live without. *-* What is my life these days? I suppose boredom + being cooped up in the middle of nowhere = a desire to instigate a creative explosion.

Why must hobbies cost money? It's so depressing.
29th-May-2012 09:01 pm - Arrivals
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First edition Abbey and clothing items from eBay arrived today! ♥

Abbey is perfect; I couldn't be happier. The pink Pullip-sized sweater fits Lagoona exactly as I hoped it would. Cleo's finally satisfied in a black and gold dress. For under $10, where can you go wrong? /rolls around

Last items before the move are Draculaura's newsie outfit and Cleo's wrappings. The same lovely person who found Rochelle for me has these two fashion packs and I'm super-excited to get them. The newsie outfit will probably go on Skull Shores Draculaura because her hair's up and she has cute bangs.

The photos won't stop, of course. If anything, there will probably be tons between now and the end of July (brief break) and then resuming a week or so into August. New arrivals will probably halt until October, at least, because I owe my mother a veritable pile of money because she's helping my girlfriend and I move across the country. I'll be funneling all my earnings into that for several months, but I don't mind. My current doll company and items will provide more than enough entertainment.

I might get a Pro account on Flickr. ;) Just sayin'
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Using Grell's icon because I'm feeling a bit chaotic and persistent~

Someone called out a dessert Tumblr about their silly giveaway guidelines, so I sent a message with my own $0.02 and got a rather patronizing reply, at least in my opinion. (Basically anyone who patronizes me is instantly labeled douchebag and I move on, but like I said: chaotic persistence!)

If you're curious I'll provide a link, but it's definitely not an important issue.

Someone on the MH LJ community had a first edition Abbey Bominable. :) I jumped at the opportunity because I'd been hoping someone would offer one of the first release dolls now that the second release is (comparably) easier to find. The only difference is the China vs. Indonesia issue; I wanted an Abbey that wouldn't have factory glue holding her hair in. I don't want to worry about the glue disintegrating and ruining her pretty hair.

She should arrive tomorrow. ♥ I can't wait. I was able to purchase her for shelf price + decent shipping (I think it was $22?) which is well below the prices people are asking on eBay. I don't even have to look to know!

The weather says it's storming here, but it isn't. I wish it would. June's usually the month of violent thunderstorms every afternoon around 4pm, like clockwork, and I can't wait for that either.
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I had news! My new camera is on its way and should be arriving on the 19th or 20th! Eeee, I can't wait. I'm completely disenchanted with my current camera (having exhausted its capabilities) and can't wait to try my hand at a new one with upgraded functions.

All you reader-types can expect an influx of doll, pet, and holiday pictures! My girlfriend and I are having a guest over for Christmas so I'll definitely be taking pictures of All The Things, as it were. ;) Eee camera camera camera~

My Christmas shopping included books and more books this year. My girlfriend gifted me with Spectra and Skull Shores Ghoulia, the latter having turned up at our local Wal*Mart. I didn't care for her swimsuit so she's been redressed in some ex-Bratz outfits and looks sassy indeed. I love her curly hair!

Kalli picked up Torelai and Skull Shores Abbey, also discovered at our previously unstocked Wal*Mart. I told her Torelai was the hype of the season, right up there with the original Abbey (still very HTF). We're hoping Abbey will show up on Amazon for under $20 next month, a la all good things come to those who wait.

I conquered the evils of Craigslist in order to get a futon frame and mattress. My efforts paid off with an excellent frame and a serviceable mattress; it's basically your standard sort of futon padding. I think it's really comfortable, but it's a little too big for the frame and might work out better as a bed if it's put on the floor. In the meantime it makes a very comfortable nest-sofa that Kalli really likes. We put cushions and small fleece blankets all over it.

Apologies about all the dust that's been collecting on this journal. It'll probably see a resurgence of updates very soon, pending new camera and all. :)

Bonus picture of the futon!

Image shows a light-colored wooden frame with a black futon mattress. It's resting in the 'bed' position with an autumn-themed fleecy blanket and cushion. Three cats are on it - two ginger kitties and one pure black kitty. The ginger kitties belong to Kalli and are named Sunfire and Phoenix. The black kitty is Piper.
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