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Teeny Things! ([personal profile] teenythings) wrote2014-04-14 07:57 pm


I modified a Barbie dress for Maudlynne.

In white

She doesn't fit typical Barbie clothes, mind. This dress came from listing with several handmade items. I think it'd be really big on a Barbie, as it fits her perfectly. The snaps close nicely in the back.

White isn't really her color, but I think she enjoyed getting out of her red dress for a bit.

I'm going to buy her some Minifee clothes when I have money for them.
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[personal profile] darwin 2014-04-20 09:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Eeeee, she's so pretty! I love the face-sculpt on Tonner dolls. ♥ In fact, I've jut ordered my first Tonner doll a few hours ago - a COMPLETE Magic Attic doll I found for a ridiculously low price on Ebay.