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If dolls shopped eBay...

Life would be pretty tough, I figure.

"USED Barbie Fancy Frills LINGERIE 1986 Mattel china." Picture depicts a package of Barbie-sized panties. Ad continues to explain that this is a stock photo, and the actual items differ from the photos provided.

Additional description copied from body of ad: "This item is used and the packaging is just added for fun. The stockings are split at the crotch on all three pairs. One has been repaired. There are two pairs of purple panties instead of the blue pair on package. The package has the price tag cut off and has been previously taped shut. Please see photos for condition. I would be happy to offer any additional photos and insights for any item."

Auction listed at $7.25 for bidding or $10, Buy-it-Now.

Jasmine's appalled, my friends. Appalled.
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I am also appalled! Jasmine and I can be appalled together!