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Teeny Things! ([personal profile] teenythings) wrote2014-03-23 03:36 pm
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Story progression idea


If I were to make a project (story-progression) for one of my dolls...

Who'd be interested in reading it?

I'll start out with just one doll (1/6th scale) because I tend to get overwhelmed with my projects, even if they're 'fun.' So, one doll initially, with occasional visits from other dolls.

Besides the fun aspect, I want to expand my photography skills, play around in photoshop, and write. Writers need to write things, and I haven't been doing nearly enough of that (outside of my English class, anyway). Who knows, it might even inspire me to get back into sewing!

Right, sound off!
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It sounds like a fun project. I might try something similar, if I can choose which doll to focus on.
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