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Teeny Things! ([personal profile] teenythings) wrote2013-12-14 02:26 pm

Bay of evil and weather

So I'm sure everyone knows, but people are selling off their Monster High collections on eBay. If you've got patience (and older dolls) that you particularly wanted back-when, nowish is the time to be hunting them. Kalli and I have managed to score a couple ghouls for less than what they originally retailed for. It takes me a long time to find ones with decent pictures so I can weed out eye-wonk, but it's worth it. I've stopped worrying about glue because if I'm terribly fussed, there are lovely people who offer rerooting services and really, it's just a matter of saving up for that.

My Christmas excitement is finally starting to settle in. I've really enjoyed having Kalli open up gifts. I'm awful, really, and hate surprises. It makes me happy to have her open up her things and look at them. (Saving items for one specific day is just silly. I like making people feel special often.)

We've got a Nor'easter on its way! I think we're supposed to get at least 14 inches of snow, if the weather reporters are to be believed, and eeeeeeeee I loves me some winter. Tons of dolls-in-snow pictures to come, I'm sure! We may lose power but that's no real hardship with a woodstove and piles of woollen blankets.

I should get some pics of the tree...
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I posted some pics on facebook! :)
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Thanks for letting us know about MH! Darwin was poking about Ebay to see if there was anything she wanted - what did you two find?

We have a storm coming too, but I don't think we're going to get 14in of snow down here.