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Teeny Things! ([personal profile] teenythings) wrote2013-02-12 06:04 pm
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Back to accomplishing things

Okay so I'm finally 80% over my cold and Kittyden's about to be updated. I had a couple orders to go out today but the stupid post office (long story) was closed, so they'll all hit the post tomorrow even if I have to go into Fryeburg to mail them.

Jodi and I are going to have some really exciting new stuff for Kittyden this Saturday. The updates I'm sticking in this evening are just things I've been meaning to get in there since Saturday. I still need to finish Tip's boots and get her listing up as well as finish sewing some buttons and trim on a pj set. Besides these basic things, we made a stop at JoAnn's and the place looked like it'd recently received a shipment. The shelves were PACKED. We found some really exciting brocade fabric to make kimonos out of - stay tuned!

(They will be kimonos with under-dresses and socks!)

I still haven't managed to find Catrine and I've promised her to friends besides myself, so I'm a teensy bit aggravated. Luckily I found (despite my earlier lack of enthusiasm) Jinafire, who's inspired three new concepts that should appear on Etsy very soon!


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