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Teeny Things! ([personal profile] teenythings) wrote2013-01-06 09:55 pm
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Seems as good a place as any...

Ahmahgad I love Once Upon a Time (the show, airs on ABC Sunday evenings). Love love love. I can't even explain how much I like it, just - I've liked plenty of shows before, in a 'this is really good!' kind of way but I owe it to my girlfriend for watching OuaT while we were staying at another friend's house. I probably wouldn't have found it on my own or given it enough of a chance to really get started, but holy fuck it picked up around the middle of the first season and I'm literally obsessed. I SUPPOSE THIS MAKES ME A FANGIRL. I've never liked a show enough to livestream it, stupid American commercials and all!

Yes, fluff. I know.

Fluff and Rumpelstiltskin.